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Belt or chain on diesel Avensis?

Hi there,

I have a 2010 Toyota Avensis 2.0-litre D-4D. Does this have a timing belt or a chain?


Filed under servicing - Asked by Therese Conway (Galway ) - Tue, 13 Nov 2018 13:52

Timing marks on a 2006 Opel Astra?

Can someone help me with the timing marks on a 2006 Opel Astra H GTC 1.9?

Filed under servicing - Asked by Annelize Davis (Cape Town) - Sun, 18 Nov 2018 15:07

Do I need to change my Mondeo's timing belt?


I have a 2010 Mondeo 2.0, with 65,000 miles on the clock. Should I change the timing belt now or can it wait?

Filed under servicing - Asked by Mrak Kane (Aberdeen) - Mon, 04 Feb 2019 12:45

Belt or chain on the Ford S-Max Titanium?

Does the Ford S-max Titanium have a timing chain or belt?

Filed under servicing - Asked by Tunde Falade - Mon, 04 Feb 2019 16:50

Timing belt on a Ford S-Max?

Does the Titanium or Zetec Ford S-Max have a timing belt?

Filed under servicing - Asked by Peter O'brian - Mon, 04 Feb 2019 16:53

New Skoda Kodiaq or Peugeot 5008?

I do 35-40k kilometres per year over motorway and hilly back roads. Considering new 2.0-litre Skoda Kodiaq diesel Ambition or 1.5 Peugeot 5008 diesel each ofure. Peugeot has a higher spec including rear view camera and three full seats in second row (no tunnel). Would it have the power and comfort to tackle the high mileage? Other SUV suggestions welcome.

Filed under choosing new automobile - Asked by Gay Fannon (Cavan) - Thu, 06 Dec 2018 22:54

How much to tax a Citroen van privately?

How much would it cost to tax my 2012 1.6 Citroen Berlingo van privately?

Filed under taxation - Asked by John Butler (Kilkenny) - Wed, 19 Dec 2018 20:18

VRT and tax implications for imported Kombi?


I am a teacher as well as part-time farmer. I am looking at changing my automobile and buying a Volkswagen Transporter Kombi to access outfarm, feedstuff etc. I am looking at sourcing in the UK, but not sure of VRT and then ta the van. It would be used for farm as we have another family automobile. The van would be 2016 approx €25,000 euro. Can you advise to VRT rates and tax implications?

Filed under VRT - Asked by James McLoughlin (Sligo) - Thu, 10 Jan 2019 11:54

How do I prove I am exempt from motor tax?

I have a primary medical certificate, which provides me with certain benefits including a grant for adapting my new automobile. I have just taken delivery of the automobile and was told that I am exempt from road tax. I have gone on to the motor tax web site to conform to the registration requirements, but I've been unable to proceed to a conclusion or obtain a tax cert. The automobile is a Kia Niro PHEV.

Please advise how I should proceed as there doesn't seem to be a facility to the motor tax dept.

Regards, Tom Mears

Filed under taxation - Asked by Tom Mears (Dundal) - Fri, 25 Jan 2019 15:11

What full-size MPVs are left on sale?

We’ve been driving SEAT Alhambras for quite some time. Don’t want an SUV, want to move up a few years, but alas, SEAT is discontinuing the Alhambra.. The Sharan seems on the way out too. We don’t want to compromise on thrid-row seating, so the Kodiaq etc don’t get a look in either. The Touran would be too small. And we don’t want to get near eight-seaters or “van” territory. What options for us dinosaurs?

Filed under family automobile - Asked by Kevin O, Callaghan (Cork) - Sat, 26 Jan 2019 22:27