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What's up with my Ford Focus spec?

I have a 2016 Ford Focus Titanium with no DRLs. My mate has one with them. Mine has keyless entry while his has a touch handle thing. They are the same age and model. When yoou look on the Ford website for spec it says DRLs as standard. Why are mine missing? Puzzled!

Many thanks

Filed under optional extras - Asked by Steven Hodgson (Manchester ) - Wed, 21 Mar 2018 21:35

Tell me about the 2002-2008 Nissan Primera.

Where I can find the detailed specifications and differences between different models of Nissan Primera models between 2002-2008?

Filed under optional extras - Asked by Jakub Nowak - Thu, 21 Feb 2013 18:32

Does the automatic MINI have no stop-start?

My 2013 MINI Ccooper S Clubman does not have auto engine stop; is this because it is automatic or was it an option when new?

Filed under optional extras - Asked by Alan Seary (ABERDEEN) - Mon, 31 Jul 2017 11:36

Should these things be standard on GT?


I bought a GT model 1.2 and it has no ambient lighting and no kick back boot opening; is this extra or just for certain countries?

Filed under optional extras - Asked by Pat Kennedy (Kildare Ireland ) - Wed, 26 Jul 2017 17:58

Does climate alter my Ford's value?

I have a 2009 Ford Fusion  and the build data describes it as a 1.4 petrol manual Zetec with air conditioning. When I bought it the dealership described it as a Zetec Climate. What are the essential build differences between the two versions? And the valuation differences?

Filed under optional extras - Asked by Peter WALTERS (Emerson Valley, Milton Keynes) - Thu, 11 May 2017 11:21

Are dealer extras on a new automobile worth it?

Are the extras that dealers add to the price of automobiles actually necessary or beneficial? The last time I bought a automobile the dealer looked up the list price, added delivery charges and metallic paint/optional extras and that was the price you paid. Now in addition to all that there's a dealer seal and protect coating and step back insurance. Showroom sales staff really push these with a hard sell, but they can add €1,000 to €1,200 to the cost of a automobile. Question is, are they worth it?

Filed under optional extras - Asked by Martin Moroney (Dublin) - Wed, 16 Nov 2016 22:44

How to know if automobiles have parking sensors?

Hi there, I'm seeking the information about a automobile that does have parking sensors. It's hard to know which automobile does have parking sensors because I look up the link and does not tell me if there is or not.

Thanks very much for your help,


Filed under optional extras - Asked by Noelle Lee (Dublin) - Thu, 26 May 2016 18:40

Differences between the Audi A3 models?

What are the differences between an Audi A3 SE and an Audi A3 Sport, year 2012?

Filed under optional extras - Asked by Alison Mcautomobileter (Londonderry) - Tue, 23 Feb 2016 15:22

Explain the Honda Civic Tourer's suspension.

Can you explain the Honda Civic Tourer's suspension system?

Filed under optional extras - Asked by Cormac Mac Automobilethy (Dublin) - Sat, 20 Jun 2015 20:40

Are paddles standard on the Polo BlueGT?


Does the Polo 1.4 Blue GT DSG come with paddle gear changers? I know that the 1.2 90hp DSG doesn't. Is it possible to say, roughly, in percentage terms the likely insurance difference between these two models?

Many thanks (and happy new year)

Filed under optional extras - Asked by Philip Donegan (Ballina) - Thu, 07 Jan 2016 10:32

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