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Timing belt change on Ford Mondeo?

When should I do the timing belt on my Ford Mondeo?

Filed under servicing - Asked by Chris Murphy (Kilkenny) - Fri, 17 Jan 2014 18:44

Audi A4 or Skoda Octavia?

Audi A4 or Skoda Octavia? Which would be the better buy?

Filed under choosing new automobile - Asked by John Browne (Dublin) - Fri, 17 Jan 2014 23:21

How much for a 2014 Freelander?

What is the price of a 2014 Land Rover Freelander ed4?

Filed under used automobile values - Asked by Joe Canny (Dunmore Co Galway) - Sat, 18 Jan 2014 16:49

How much insurance will I pay?

I am a 60-year-old male with a clean driving licence and full no claims discount. Can anyone give me a rough estimate what insurance will cost? The automobile is a 2007 Jaguar XKR 4.2 with 37,000 miles on the clock and a value of €30,000. 

Filed under insurance - Asked by Steve Sredojevic (Automobilenew) - Fri, 31 Mar 2017 20:17

Timing belt interval for Ford B-Max?


Could you tell me if a Ford B-Max 1.6 TDCi has a cambelt or chain and if it's a cambelt when it needs to be changed?

Many thanks

Filed under servicing - Asked by Leanne Bennett (Hertfordshire ) - Sat, 01 Apr 2017 14:43

Thinking of getting a new Peugeot 3008...

I'm thinking of trading in a 142 Hyundai i40 Tourer for a new Peugeot 3008, but would like your opinion on what model would best suit me. I like my comfort, have no children, just my wife and myself, but will sometimes have my 5, 6, and 2 other young grand-kids to bring somewhere, but not all together. Appreciate your opinion. Val

Filed under choosing new automobile - Asked by Val Glynn (Claremorris) - Sat, 01 Apr 2017 21:13

I have €20,000 to spend on an SUV...


I have €20,000 to spend on a manual five-seat SUV. I have narrowed my choice down to a used 141 Volkswagen Tiguan Sport & Style with 95,000km (2.0 diesel manual), which I really like or a brand new Dacia Duster Signature. I have also considered the Mercedes-Benz B-Class. I live in a town and only do about 10,000km a year and I don't want to go below 141.

Also bear in mind my 17-year-old son is going to start to drive in October and he will be driving this automobile. And that I will occasionally need to transport large items, which both the Tiguan and Duster would be able to handle. I would greatly appreciate if you could recommend which of the two to go for and if you could recommend other alternatives that may be better.

Kind regards

Liam Fagan

Filed under choosing used automobile - Asked by Liam Fagan (Navan, Co.Meath. ) - Fri, 31 Mar 2017 07:50

Can the wrong wheels affect trade-in?

Hi, I bought an Audi six months ago from a non-Audi dealership  and I brought the automobile to an Audi dealer to find out about service cost and I was told that the alloys on my automobile were not the real Audi wheels and that would knock about five thousand euro off the trade in price if I want to in the future. I phoned the dealer I bought the automobile from and he told me that it is just a ploy by Audi to lower my trade-in price.

Could you please let me know what I can do as I paid a lot of money for that automobile?


Filed under aftermarket - Asked by Tom Corrigan (Dublin ) - Wed, 29 Mar 2017 14:00

Should I buy a automobile without the log book?


I’m interested in buying a second hand automobile from a SIMI registered and reputable garage. I’m happy with everything except they don’t have a log book from the customer that traded it in. They did service the automobile themselves so I’m sure they’ll provide verification of that, but should I be worried about the lack of previous history?



Filed under logbook - Asked by Eimear Coughlan (Dublin) - Wed, 29 Mar 2017 14:54

I'd like a sporty diesel for a young driver...

What would you recommend as a reliable sporty diesel automobile for a young driver and easy to insure?



Filed under insurance - Asked by Eoin Treacy (Cork) - Wed, 29 Mar 2017 21:59