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Tell me more about the 2002 Audi TT...

I'm thinking of getting a 2002 Audi TT that has 120k miles on it. Two questions - is this mileage worrying for a automobile like an Audi TT? Also, is this automobile incredibly heavy on petrol?

Filed under choosing used automobile - Asked by Adam Newman (Limerick) - Fri, 22 Feb 2013 22:14

Neil Briscoe Answered by: - -


Hi Adam,

Short answers — no and yes, maybe. No, that kind of mileage is pretty low. It works out at 7,500 miles per year which is staggeringly low. If it’s been well automobileed for and fully serviced, it should be just fine. On the petrol front, it’ll be pretty thirsty, depending on the model. The 1.8 turbo is really thirsty (think circa 30mpg) or if it’s the V6 model then think more like 20mpg.

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