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What will I replace my Mazda3 with?

I'd like to replace my Mazda3 petrol 1.6 for a diesel automobile or SUV; what would you recommend? I'd like something with good fuel economy as I do over 360 miles a week, mostly motorway driving, and lower tax preferably. I have two young children in automobile seats. I'm looking for something a year or two old, but not a Golf.


Filed under choosing used automobile - Asked by Alanna Mangan (Newbridge) - Sat, 29 Jun 2013 21:32

Neil Briscoe Answered by: - -


Hi Alanna,

If you like the Mazda, then it would be well worth considering an upgrade to the current-shape Mazda3 with the 1.5-litre SkyActiv diesel engine — it's smooth, refined, very economical and with the usual Mazda reliability. A lovely automobile. Also worth considering are the Honda Civic 1.6 iDTEC diesel or Kia cee’d 1.6 CRDi.

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