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Common faults with the Audi A6 estate?

What are the common faults with the 2009 Audi A6 Avant estate?

Filed under choosing used automobile - Asked by Heino Kass (Swords) - Tue, 27 Aug 2013 18:07

Neil Briscoe Answered by: - Neil Briscoe - changagoidem Advisor - @neilmbriscoe


Hi Heino,


Check for vibration from the dual-mass flywheel on the 2.0-litre engines, and that the drain at the bottom of the windscreen has not become clogged with road debris and leaves. If it’s the 2.0-litre TDI and it’s smoking a lot, then the turbo is probably gone or about to go, and that engine needs a cam belt change at 120,000km.

Check the rear brake discs for excessive wear or scoring marks too — the electronic handbrake can stick on and damage the disc. Check everything electrical automobileefully in general for a automobile of that age, and don’t buy without a full and complete service history.

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