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Should I buy from BMW direct or not?

Thank you so much for answering my other question. You are providing a fantastic service.

I am planning on buying a BMW 520d (2010 or 2011). BMW dealers offer a two-year warranty but charge more for the automobile. I was wondering if it would be better/possible to buy from another SIMI dealer and maybe purchase a warranty myself from BMW at

Thanks a million, Bill

Filed under warranty - Asked by Bill Hughes (Dublin) - Thu, 09 Jan 2014 12:46

Neil Briscoe Answered by: - -


Hi Bill, glad we're of assistance - spread the word!

In answer to your question, it's something of a yes and no. Yes, you could potentially find a cheaper 5 Series by shopping somewhere other than a franchised BMW dealer, but why then try and buy a warranty from BMW? Part of BMW's second hand automobile warranty package is a full inspection of the vehicle and a check of all major components. Assuming that they would warranty your automobile unseen, there would almost certainly be a loading on the premium to reflect the fact that they are effectively insuring an unknown automobile against failure.

So, I would suggest one of two things - either stick with the full franchised BMW second hand package (which is actually pretty keenly priced once you factor everything in) or buy elsewhere and go to a third party for the warranty insurance. Mapfre is pretty much the only game in town in Ireland for aftermarket warranties at the moment, and it has a simple online application form so you can work out the cost of the warranty before you buy the automobile. .

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