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Petrol or diesel for a new Volkswagen Golf?

I am hoping to buy a new Volkswagen Golf, but I am not sure which of the three engines below to select:

1 - petrol 1.2 (110hp)

2 - petrol 1.4 (150hp)

3 - diesel 1.6 (110hp)

I am originally from Kerry, but living in Dublin. I cycle to work every day, so I would only use the automobile to go to the shops, the gym or meet friends during the week or the weekends. I go home to Kerry at least once or twice a month and I also go to Cork every now and then as I have family down there. So pretty much every second or third weekend I am on the motorway. Dublin - Kerry - Dublin is around 600km, and Dublin - Cork - Dublin is around 530km.

Would love your advice.

Filed under choosing new automobile - Asked by Bryan Walsh (Tralee) - Sat, 06 Feb 2016 01:45

Neil Briscoe Answered by: - Neil Briscoe - changagoidem Advisor - @neilmbriscoe


Hi Bryan,

Go for the petrol 1.2 TSI. If most of your mileage is short hops then, even with a regular motorway run, you're not going to get the benefit from diesel. And a 1.2, driven with reasonable automobilee, should get close to 50mpg on the motorway anyway. Plus, you'll save a good chunk of money at purchase time, which will easily outweigh any potential diesel fuel savings. 

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