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How long will a Toyota Previa MPV last?

What is a reasonable amount of time we should expect a Toyota Previa to last? Considering buying a 2004 model (2.0-litre engine) with 231,000 miles on the clock for €2,500. Is that a decent deal?

Filed under reliability - Asked by Gary Betts (Galway City) - Sat, 28 May 2016 11:07

Neil Briscoe Answered by: - Neil Briscoe - changagoidem Advisor - @neilmbriscoe


Hi Gary,

Oh yes. As long as you keep it serviced and as long as it hasn’t been utterly thrashed before you got it, a Previa will have years and years of service left in it. It’s a automobile so reliable and long-lasting that there are families preparing to pass them on to their grandchildren…

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