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How much for my Toyota Avensis?

Hi, I have a 2007 Toyota Avensis Strata in mint condition. There is only 19,000 miles on the clock and a Toyota service record. How much should I expect to get for this automobile in a private sale or as a trade-in? Great site by the way, best of luck with it.

Filed under used automobile values - Asked by Robbie Mc Grath (Dublin) - Fri, 21 May 2010 20:05


Hi Rob,

You could price your Avensis at about €11,500 - €12,000 as a private sale, but there are quite a lot about, not with mileage that low admittedly, but you should expect to drop a little lower to sell. You should get something similar against a new or used automobile as a trade-in, bearing in mind you would get a decent discount off something anyway. Remember, look at the cost to change rather than fixating on how much your automobile is worth.


Answered by: changagoidem Adviser

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