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I need a tiny automobile with a huge boot...

Hi guys, do you have any quick tips on a small enough hatch with a big boot? I need to use split seats to lock a road bike into the automobile. For security it needs to be in the automobile for a while. I can just about do it in a Hyundai i10, but it’s a real squeeze. I fold down the bigger seat split, push the passenger seat forward and in it goes but it’s very tricky. Hoping to do the same with something slightly bigger and easier! Tiny hatch with a shiny modern cockpit and a cavern for a boot anyone?



Filed under choosing new automobile - Asked by Richie Daly (Waterford) - Tue, 02 Jan 2018 09:55

Neil Briscoe Answered by: - -


Hi Richie,

Not often we get a question with such a straightforward answer, but in this case it’s easy: get a Skoda Fabia Combi. It has a massive 530-litre boot (expanding to 1,395 litres when you fold the seats), but is still pretty compact on the outside. Plus the cabin is classy and comfy and it’s perfectly nice to drive. Your budget won’t quite stretch to a new one, but a year-to-18-month one should be well inside your reach. 

Read our Skoda Fabia Combi review here

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