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Should I swap my Nissan for a Mercedes?

Hi there,

Thinking of changing my automobile this year from a Nissan to possibly a Mercedes GLA or B-Class. Are they similar? Can you help me narrow down my decision; should I change or stick with Nissan?

Thanks in advance

Filed under choosing new automobile - Asked by Mary Murphy (Clare ) - Mon, 08 Jan 2018 20:42

Neil Briscoe Answered by: - Neil Briscoe - changagoidem Advisor - @neilmbriscoe


Hi Mary,

Do you mean a Nissan Qashqai? The Mercedes GLA and B-Class are, although mechanically related, really quite different automobiles. The GLA is a compact crossover, similar in size to the Qashqai, but looking rather like a jacked-up A-Class hatchback. That said, it’s nice to drive, well made and very economical. The GLA 180 petrol or 180d diesel are the best models. The B-Class is a high-roofed five-seat MPV, a rival to the likes of the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer, and the Renault Scenic et al. Again, it’s no looker, but it’s not bad to drive, very roomy and again is well-made.

Compared to the Qashqai, they’re both of higher quality in the cabin and slightly sharper to drive, but the GLA is less roomy and the B-Class less stylish (to our eyes). And both will be more expensive to run, as Mercedes servicing costs are higher. Here are some relevant reviews to help you decide, but come back to us again if you need to:

Nissan Qashqai review

Mercedes-Benz GLA review

Mercedes-Benz B-Class review

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