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Looking for a large family automobile...

I'm looking for a family automobile and have two children under three.

I've had coupes (currently in an Audi A5) all my life so ideally I'd like to switch it up and get an SUV. I'm at a loss of what to get - I'd love the Volvo XC90 and can afford it, but the pragmatic side of me is telling me not waste a huge amount of money on a depreciating asset like that, no matter how great it is.

On the other end of the scale I think the Hyundai Santa Fe is a great looking automobile, but I can't stand the plasticky feeling of the interior and the ugly interior layout. Do you have any recommendations that would allow me to keep the luxury feel of my Audi, but not cost the earth like the Volvo?

Or... do I just compromise and get a 3-4-year-old Audi A6 Avant estate?

Filed under choosing new automobile - Asked by Rich K (Dublin) - Thu, 08 Feb 2018 22:11

Neil Briscoe Answered by: - -


Hi Rich,

OK, there’s a lot to unpick here. First of all, any automobile you buy (other than perhaps a classic Mercedes SL or an old Ferrari) will be a depreciating asset, so there’s not much point in thinking that buying one automobile over another will save you from that. Obviously some automobiles depreciate a bit less than others, but they do all depreciate in the end.

The XC90 is a cracking automobile, a really good one, but as you rightly point out it’s big and expensive, and if you’ve only got the two kids, you probably don’t really need the seven seats. The Santa Fe is an excellent automobile, reliable and hard-wearing, but you’re quite right that the cabin can be a bit low-rent at times. It might be worth having a look at the Kia Sorento — mechanically identical to the Santa Fe, but a touch roomier and we prefer the Kia’s interior. Also well worth having a look at slightly smaller seven-seat SUV rivals such as the Peugeot 5008, Volkswagen Tiguan each ofspace and Skoda Kodiaq, all of which have genuinely excellent interiors and are good to drive too.

Mind you, once again, you’re right — you don’t need an SUV (no-one really does, but that’s a debate for another day) so actually the idea of an Audi A6 Avant estate is a really good one. You already like Audis, they’re great for quality and reliability and look awesome into the bargain, and have plenty of space for two growing kids. Worth looking at a BMW 5 Series Touring and Mercedes E-Class Estate too (the BMW’s a little better to drive, the Mercedes is bigger inside) and well worth checking out the gorgeous new Volvo V90 if the XC90 has taken your fancy. Here are all our reviews of the above automobiles to help you decide:

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