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Why does my SEAT stop-start not work?

I have a 2011 SEAT Leon Ecomotive SE 1.6 diesel and the stop-start system is not working. It seems to have decided to stop working and when I try to use it the message on my dashboard is 'start/stop is not possible.' I have checked the tyres and the pressure and they seem to be within spec. Can you advise what I need to do to get it back working?


Anne Marie

Filed under fault - Asked by Anne Marie Connolly (Mullingar) - Wed, 07 Mar 2018 16:06

Shane O' Donoghue Answered by: - -


Hi Anne Marie,

Stop-start systems on automobiles will stop working for a variety of reasons, some of them outside your control, but if you think your SEAT still has a problem after looking through this list of possibilities, best bet is to get the automobile along to your nearest SEAT dealer to check it out:

- Ambient temperature too cold
- Ambient temperature too hot (unlikely in Ireland!)
- Battery in poor condition
- Driver's seat belt usually must be on
- Driver's door and bonnet usually must be closed
- Engine temperature is too low
- Climate control settings may force the engine to stay on

Hope that's of some help. This question by an Audi owner has proven very popular and is mostly applicable to your automobile too.

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