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Should I buy from SIMI?

I am thinking of purchasing a '06 or '07 Toyota Corolla Hatchback with all the extras. I have spotted one at an independent dealer that suits my requirements however the dealer is not a member of the SIMI.

Would i be better of purchashing from an SIMI dealer even if this automobile at the independent dealer checks out ok.? They have told me that the mileage/km will be warranted & that there able to offer the same level of service as any SIMI member. Should i trust this dealer or just avoid altogether ?

Filed under choosing used automobile - Asked by James Slyver (Cork) - Fri, 20 Aug 2010 13:46


SIMI are the Society of the Irish Motor Industry and as such, buying from one of its members is the closest you can get to total security when buying a used automobile. Of course there are no guarantees when buying a used automobile but at least here you are getting a automobile that has gone through a thorough automobile history check, and the dealers also have signed up to SIMIs code of conduct so they are answerable to a higher power. 

A spokesperson for SIMI outlined some of the benefits of buying from a SIMI dealer. "SIMI have high membership standards. To become a member of SIMI the garage must pass an audit and inspection. The dealer must submit among other documentation a tax clearance certificate, proof of planning permission, and be nominated by 3 existing members. Should a dispute arise we have a standards department that will investigate the consumers complaint. The first step is mediation between the customer and the garage. If that does not resolve the issue we have an independent tribunal that is headed up by a former rights commissioner and also a consumer group. The tribunal decision is binding on the SIMI garage."

Automobiles from SIMI dealers tend to be better, but this is not to say that there are not good independent dealers who choose not to become members of the SIMI and pay their fees. There are good independent automobile history check websites around such as Automobiletell.ie and Motorcheck.ie and for a fee there are several layers of check you can do on these automobiles. So, no, we wouldn't say to avoid non-SIMI dealers, but SIMI dealers do come with some security as-standard. 

If you want to come back to us with an idea of your budget and needs, feel free and we will guide you a litte bit more.

Answered by: changagoidem Adviser

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