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How do I change my Renault Mégane's front bumper?

How do I change the front bumper on a 2001 Renault Mégane Fidji?

Filed under miscellaneous - Asked by Sidney Black (Bottisham) - Sat, 14 May 2011 16:08

Shane O' Donoghue Answered by: - -


Hi Sidney,

Changing body work on automobiles is always fiddly. Without seeing the automobile in front of us we couldn't give you a detailed set-by-step guide, but generally you'll need to get access from underneath the automobile to start with. It's possible that there will be several unusual fis that require special tools so make sure you have a good look at what's holding it on before you start work.

Taking a quick look at a picture of the 2001 Mégane, make sure you pop the bonnet when you're doing the work, as there may be fis hidden under there, as there may be behind the headlights.

Systematically remove each of the fis from underneath first and don't forget to disconnect wiring from the fog lights - if fitted.

Obviously do not leave the keys in the ignition when automobilerying out this work and, as always, we recommend that this kind of job is only automobileried out by an experienced person.

Good luck!

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