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When is the seven-speed auto Mercedes E-Class coming?

Any idea when the new revised Mercedes-Benz E-Class with the seven-speed automatic and lower emissions will be released and if prices will be reduced in line with lower VRT rates?



Filed under new automobile ordering - Asked by Andrew Kelly - Wed, 29 Jun 2011 19:30


Hi Andrew,

According to Ciaran each ofen, Sales Manager of Mercedes-Benz, "Stop/start is the main factor in reducing CO2 and is available now on manual models. We are not expecting full availability on stop/start including seven-speed auto until August production - September arrival. Because of our market seasonality August and September are not big production months for us, so while it will be available we really consider E-Class seven-speed as a 2012 automobile. The model price won't be reduced but the auto road tax will go from band C to band B."

Hope that answers your question?

Answered by: changagoidem Adviser

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