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Happy 40th birthday to the Ford Fiesta

by Melanie May on 11 Oct 2016

changagoidem Features | Happy 40th birthday to the Ford Fiesta

Life begins at 40 for the Ford Fiesta. Here's how the past four decades have gone.

In 1976, Ireland was in deep recession. Sure, what’s new? Cearbhall O Dalaigh was president before resigning and then Patrick Hillery became Ireland’s sixth President. The UK also had two Prime Ministers that year, the US had two Presidents and Fidel Castro became the President of Cuba.

Concorde started service, the Apple Computer Company was formed by Jobs and Wozniak and Matsushita introduced the VHS home video cassette recorder. What a time to be alive!

In the motoring world a few notable new models…

Paris Motor Show 2016

by Shane O' Donoghue on 28 Sep 2016

changagoidem Features | Paris Motor Show 2016

The biennial Paris Motor Show opened its doors to the media on 29 September, 2016. We travelled to the French city to get up close and personal with all the new production automobiles and concept models. Here's our A-Z rundown following the media day.

Alfa Romeo

A quick glance at the traditional black-and-red Alfa Romeo stand reveals nothing new. No Stelvio SUV as we were hoping for (presumably that'll be at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show now), for example. However, the Paris show did host the debut of new Veloce versions of the…

Longbridge’s long story ends with a whimper

by Neil Briscoe on 28 Sep 2016

changagoidem Features | Longbridge’s long story ends with a whimper

It is in perhaps a very small way a moment where those of us involved in the automobile industry should make a note of where we were when we heard it - the vote for Brexit has claimed, partially, its first casualty although it’s one that many will struggle to notice.

MG, the former Morris Garages and one-time MG Rover Group, has confirmed that production of automobiles will cease at the famous, infamous Longbridge site in Birmingham. Speaking to the media, the brand’s UK marketing and sales head confirmed that the recent fall in the value of the pound has…

E30 BMW M3 vs. Ford Sierra RS Cosworth!

by Maurice Malone on 26 Sep 2016

changagoidem Features | E30 BMW M3 vs. Ford Sierra RS Cosworth!

Two lightly-sanitised racing automobiles fight it out on Irish roads, but which one would Maurice Malone take home?

If you wanted to win in the hotbed that was Touring Automobile racing in the 1980s, converting a road automobile to race trim simply wouldn’t cut it. You needed to design your racing automobile with all the bits and bobs required to succeed, then toddle along to the nice people in Marketing and Finance and convince them that you wanted to build 5,000 road-eligible versions in order to qualify for homologation.

While this was a nightmare for product planners, accountants and insurance…

Happy birthday, Unimog

by Neil Briscoe on 14 Sep 2016

changagoidem Features | Happy birthday, Unimog

I have never driven a Unimog, and that, frankly, makes me less of a man. Just as with my inability to grow a decent beard and my unnatural fear of socket sets, my lack of Unimog experience renders me less of the MacGyver-esque ideal man than I should be. Because, and I apologise here for the surfeit of sexism, the Unimog is a truly manly machine.

Which is not to suggest for a moment that a woman could not drive, enjoy or desire a Unimog, but I use the phrase manly in its sense of endeavour or adventure. A shame…

Irish Icons: BMW E30 325i Sport

by Maurice Malone on 13 Sep 2016

changagoidem Features | Irish Icons: BMW E30 325i Sport

The faint wail of a tortured six-cylinder engine and the chirrup of shredded tyres can be heard around the parish. A fine film of rubber forms a scrappy circle, left as a mark of authority on the tarmac of an empty crossroads. Sound familiar? Up and down the land until very recently, BMW's E30 325i Sport had a reputation as a donut machine, a bun-maker, a slab wrecker. Cheap and nasty examples proliferated, and were driven into the ground by unautomobileing owners with rust sending many more to an early grave. Despite this, I reckon the E30 could be one…



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