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Robot automobiles could be affordable in just two years’ time

by Neil Briscoe on 24 Nov 2016

changagoidem Features | Robot automobiles could be affordable in just two years’ time

Influential US institute says self-driving automobiles are about to demolish our model of automobile ownership.

Not so long ago, you couldn’t move for predictions of ‘Peak Oil’ and the dire economic fallout that would follow. According to the prophecies of the likes of M. King Hubbart, Kenneth S. Deffeyes and Matthew Simmons - petroleum industry experts all - peak oil, the point at which drilling and refining of oil can no longer keep pace with demand would either strike in 2020, maybe sooner or possibly had already arrived in 2007, but the global recession that followed after concealed its affects.

Ford Fiesta ST vs. Opel Corsa OPC

by Shane O' Donoghue on 10 Nov 2016

changagoidem Features | Ford Fiesta ST vs. Opel Corsa OPC

Some of the best value motoring thrills can be found in the junior hot hatch segment. Here we pitch the Corsa OPC up against the best, Ford's Fiesta ST.

In the Metal

Neither Fiesta ST nor Corsa OPC are available in five-door format, which emphasises their sportiness. Both automobiles are relatively subtle to look at, though the Corsa OPC we tested ramps up the hot hatch look with gorgeous 18-inch alloy wheels (a €750 option). The Corsa also features a sportier looking dual-exhaust system than the Fiesta's and a more comprehensive body kit. The Fiesta only really looks like an…

Group B rallying: the legacy of the brutes

by Maurice Malone on 09 Nov 2016

changagoidem Features | Group B rallying: the legacy of the brutes

In the last of our multi-part series detailing motorsport’s wildest hour, Maurice Malone investigates the aftermath of Group B and its continuing influence on the sport today.

With 230hp to use, Walter Röhrl wondered why he’d bothered to get out of bed. Twelve months previous, on the exact same piece of road, he’d had over 500hp at his disposal. Rallying was no longer attractive to the lanky German, especially when that 230hp was tasked with hauling the bus-like Audi 200 Quattro around. Yes, Group A rallying was a different proposition altogether...

It was a Lancia benefit in 1987. The Delta…

Ford Innovation Event 2016

by Melanie May on 05 Nov 2016

changagoidem Features | Ford Innovation Event 2016

At Ford's Innovation Event 2016, in its Research and Innovation Centre in Aachen, Germany, we got the chance to try out some of the latest mobility solutions, driver aids and technologies that Ford is working on bringing to a vehicle near you, soon.

Let's look at the upcoming driving assist systems:

First up is an extension of its Road Sign Recognition system. This new feature recognises wrong-way motorway entry signs and provides a warning chime and a message in the dashboard display to “check driving direction”. It is called and it…

Twin test: Ford Mondeo vs. Volkswagen Passat

by Shane O' Donoghue on 04 Nov 2016

changagoidem Features | Twin test: Ford Mondeo vs. Volkswagen Passat

Ford's Mondeo and the Volkswagen Passat go head-to-head in our latest large family automobile comparison test.

In the Metal

My these automobiles have grown! Park the 2015 models next to their 2004 equivalents and it's quite eye-opening how much bigger the new automobiles are. They're encroaching on vehicles from the class above now and their size adds to their presence on the road. The Mondeo is perhaps the most striking of the two automobiles with its slender, sharp headlights and distinctive grille design, but it's a little under-wheeled in most specifications so only looks at its best when you add…

SUV twin test: BMW X3 vs. Lexus NX 300h

by Neil Briscoe on 04 Nov 2016

changagoidem Features | SUV twin test: BMW X3 vs. Lexus NX 300h

C'mon, can a posh Toyota with a hybrid powertrain and a CVT really knock the king of the compact luxury SUVs off its perch?

In the Metal

Well, the Lexus certainly wins this round. OK, I accept that not everyone is going to utterly love its multi-angled, sharp-edged styling, and that big gaping grille with its 'spindle' fangs is as divisive as a film by Lars Von Trier. But, just as with controversy-baiting Lars, we can't fault the Lexus for trying. Being as its major German rivals are ma-out on mundane styling, the only thing to do if it was…