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Get ready for less choice in new automobiles

by Neil Briscoe on 08 Jan 2017

changagoidem Features | Get ready for less choice in new automobiles

Is Brexit going to put the squeeze on right-hand drive production?

I got a lift to the airport the other day. Nothing exciting about that, I suppose, but the automobile in which I was being lifted was kind of interesting. It was a Renault Talisman, a big, roomy Volkswagen Passat rival that verges on being the same size as a BMW 5 Series. As we wafted through the streets of Paris on the way to make a connection at Charles De Gaulle airport, it…

Audi progresses with 'driverless' tech

by Shane O' Donoghue on 06 Jan 2017

changagoidem Features | Audi progresses with 'driverless' tech

How soon do you reckon driverless automobiles will dominate the road? It's further away...

In 2015, we experienced Audi's 'Piloted Driving' at its most exciting in the form of 'Bobby', an RS 7 Sportback modified to learn a race track and then lap it at unnervingly fast pace. On its own. The Volkswagen Group has been researching and developing autonomous drive technology for well over a decade, but never before had it grabbed headlines like that.

A lot has happened since then, and today we are in Neuburg, the home of Audi Sport,…

Is this what the automobile makers think of our youth?

by Maurice Malone on 05 Jan 2017

changagoidem Features | Is this what the automobile makers think of our youth?

Millennials get a lot of stick. Anyone born between 1982 and 2001 is seemingly doomed to be labelled as a Snapchatting, Instagramming, Starbucks-scoffing poser by older generations, but this group is fast becoming the largest demographic. What do automobile manufacturers do when tasked with providing transport solutions for people who have known nothing but advanced technology all their lives?

They get millennials to design their own automobiles of course. Chrysler’s Portal concept is one such example, and it’s just debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Tim Kuniskis, head of passenger automobile brands at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles…

Irish Icons: Lancia Delta Integrale

by Maurice Malone on 03 Jan 2017

changagoidem Features | Irish Icons: Lancia Delta Integrale

Group B rallying's demise left a vacuum that Lancia duly filled with the Group A Deltas, trouncing all comers for years. We drive the ultimate road-going version of the iconic Integrale.


There's a faint whirring noise emanating from in front of you, a beautifully mechanical tone. From the rear, a slightly offbeat thrum, not as gruff as a Subaru's flat-four growl, but characterful nonetheless. Compared to the industrial drone of most turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engines, this is very different.

The vents at the rear of the bonnet emit a shimmering heat haze, as the hot air in the engine…

Ford EcoSport vs. Nissan Juke vs. Renault Captur test

by Shane O' Donoghue on 14 Dec 2016

changagoidem Features | Ford EcoSport vs. Nissan Juke vs. Renault Captur test

Baby crossovers are all the rage right now, offering a little SUV cool on the footprint of a supermini. Here we pitch the Renault Captur against the Nissan Juke and the Ford EcoSport.

In the Metal

So different are the three automobiles under test in terms of appearance that we can well imagine buyers making their minds up before they see the prices, lists of standard equipment or running costs. The EcoSport looks the most SUV-like with its spare wheel automobilerier on the side-hinged boot door (that's not standard any more), though its proportions are a little curious - it…

We get schooled: drifting at Rally School Ireland

by Neil Briscoe on 14 Dec 2016

changagoidem Features | We get schooled: drifting at Rally School Ireland

I feel as if I should be shuttled into a small room, into a circle of hard plastic school chairs, amongst others suffering my affliction. After a few soft, gentle, welcoming words from the group leader, I'll stand up, nervously clear my throat and say the dread words. Hi. I'm Neil. And I cannot drift...

It seems such a natural part of the modern motoring writer's armoury. Certainly for I, raised on a solidly healthy diet of mid-nineties Autoautomobile & Motor it should be. Barely a week of my adolescence went by without some fabulously lurid photo shoot of the…