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From Paris to Dublin in the new Peugeot 308 GTi.

by Dave Humphreys on 05 Jan 2016

changagoidem Features | From Paris to Dublin in the new Peugeot 308 GTi.

Sometimes this job can throw up some unexpected surprises and, thankfully, usually of the good kind. There I was strolling back to the office from the bank on a quiet Tuesday morning when my phone rings with a call from Peugeot. "Would you like to go to Peugeot Sport headquarters outside Paris and collect a new 308 GTi for us and drive it back home to Dublin for the weekend?" Needless to say it didn't take me a terribly long time to answer.

This would be a somewhat special task, as this would be the first 308 GTi to come…

Column: Public transport 

by Neil Briscoe on 02 Jan 2016

changagoidem Features | Column: Public transport 

This may surprise you but I actually love public transport. Raving automobile nut and devoted servant of the V8 and straight-six though I am, I actually really love a good public transport service, and revel in its use.

Once upon a time, as a proto-motoring hack, I lived in London and, here's the shocking truth, I didn't bother owning a automobile. Just didn't see the point. I lived initially within walking distance of work (hacking across Bushey Park in south west London every morning, as the innumerable planes heading for Heathrow circled overhead) and latterly, when I moved, took a…

We travel to Germany to collect an Audi RS 3 Sportback

by Dave Humphreys on 30 Dec 2015

changagoidem Features | We travel to Germany to collect an Audi RS 3 Sportback

Many of us at one point or another have experienced that 'new automobile smell' and many of you reading this will soon be collecting a new automobile from your local dealer. Relish that first drive home regardless of what it is. But when you're going to be collecting something that little bit more special, shouldn't the process of collection reflect that too? Audi thinks it should, which is why it allows buyers to go to Germany to collect their automobile. We travelled to Neckarsulm to see what the process involves while collecting Audi Ireland's new RS 3 Sportback.

The Audi…

Fascination: Kei automobiles

by Neil Briscoe on 27 Dec 2015

changagoidem Features | Fascination: Kei automobiles

If small is beautiful then a Kei automobile must be the most beautiful thing of all, because frankly, I've seen smaller suitcases. Kei automobiles are tiny automobiles, vans and even roadsters built to the specific Kei regulations of Japan, which were originally put in place to promote the use of small, affordable and economical automobiles that wouldn't take up as much space on Japan's crowded roads. While Tokyo traffic hasn't exactly been fixed by the Kei rules, they have led to some staggering feats of motorised ingenuity as automobile makers look for ways to make the most of the regulations.

Perfect presents for petrolheads

by Melanie May on 19 Dec 2015

changagoidem Features | Perfect presents for petrolheads

Have you got a automobile nut to buy for this Christmas? Well then, you've come to the right place, as we have some great gift ideas that are sure to please even the fussiest of automobile lovers.

First off, petrolheads are an easy bunch to shop for, as they are usually pleased with anything that gives them another reason to spend time with their beloved motors. Take for example a automobile cleaning kit. Ok, so cleaning kits are a bit predictable and dull but they are useful. Pertrolheads like to spend hours making sure their motors are the cleanest and…

Bertie Fisher remembered in new book

by Neil Briscoe on 18 Dec 2015

changagoidem Features | Bertie Fisher remembered in new book

I can still remember it, with the clarity of yesterday even though 22 years have passed since then. It was the baking hot spring of 1994 and, when I should have been busy studying for my Leaving Cert, I was instead perched in a hedgerow somewhere near Killarney. In front of me was a painted white line across the road and in my hands was a timing box - an electronic stopwatch to be triggered as the automobiles competing in the Rally of the Lakes passed in front of me.

From out of the heat shimmer somewhere off to my…