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Captain Buzzkill's April Fool's Day survival blog

by Paul Healy on 01 Apr 2015

changagoidem Features | Captain Buzzkill's April Fool's Day survival blog

Afternoon all. Captain Buzzkill here to selflessly steer you through the minefield of April Fools' day 'jokes' that the automobile industry has seen fit to foist upon us this year. Who are these faceless, sense of humour bypassed corporations to decide once a year to be funny? Bloody nerve of them!

First up is Nissan with the GYM button. On the face of it, this is actually a relevant technology as it allows the driver to fight the flab by disabling systems such as power steering and electric windows while also increasing the force required to operate the clutch,…

Ex school teacher gets schooled

by Melanie May on 31 Mar 2015

changagoidem Features | Ex school teacher gets schooled

Dear Melanie,

Would you like to be a Hollywood stunt driver for the day?

I had just received the most exciting email ever. Finally, opportunity knocked. each of those years of drama school had paid off and word obviously had spread about my legendary driving ability. I had arrived. Or maybe not...

Turns out a few of us ‘automobile folk’ received invitations to go down to Mondello Park to learn how to stunt drive and gain an insight into driving like Dominic Toretto and Brian O’Conner the main characters of the Fast & Furious movies. The stunt-driving event had been organised…

Design is dead

by Neil Briscoe on 26 Mar 2015

changagoidem Features | Design is dead

Have all the great design ideas been used up?

We have a little game we like to play during new automobile launch press conferences. It's called Press Conference Bingo and it's how we keep a track of which buzz-phrases are being used, and how often by how many automobile makers. At any given new vehicle presentation you are almost certain to hear phrases such as 'premium look and feel,' 'coupé-like-window-line,' 'taut, aggressive surfacing' and even 'like an animal, ready to pounce.' None of us has yet stood up to shout "housey housey!!" but it can only be a matter of…

Friday Find 20th March 2015

by Neil Briscoe on 20 Mar 2015

changagoidem Features | Friday Find 20th March 2015

With everyone well into their Saint Patrick's Day hangover, we thought that it would be timely to flag up a automobile that's both soothingly quiet to the ears and relatively gentle on partied-out wallets.

The Toyota Prius doesn't get a lot of automotive writer love, but it's a darned effective way to get a foothold on the electric automobile ladder. OK, so the Prius' tech is relatively old these days - this is no plugin and you won't even find any lithium-ion batteries here. But we did find a current-shape model, with lots of optional…

Beware the march of technology

by Neil Briscoe on 18 Mar 2015

changagoidem Features | Beware the march of technology

You have never heard of Oswald Boelcke. Well, let me qualify that. You are extremely unlikely to have heard of Oswald Boelcke, unless you are an especially diligent student of the history of either (or both) of the First World War or the development of fighter aircraft tactics.

You may have heard of Manfred Von Richthofen, the immortal Red Baron - as lauded and feared by his comrades as his foes, even if he's possibly best known for being played in parody form by Ade Edmonson in Blackadder. Richthofen, as cold and ruthless a killing machine as has ever…



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