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In Defence of...

by Neil Briscoe on 17 Feb 2015

changagoidem Features | In Defence of...

A hush settles over the courtroom as the presiding judge gives an almost imperceptible nod to the counsel for the defence. The venerable barrister stands and adjusts his robes. Beneath them, a once youthful body is turning slowly to corpulence - a result of too strong a taste for good food and better wine - but here, on the floor of the court, he feels young and virile again and up for the fight. This defendant is not so defenceless...

"M'lud, ladies and gentlemen of the jury and assembled members of the public. You have heard the case laid out…

Revisited: Range Rover Evoque

by Neil Briscoe on 17 Feb 2015

changagoidem Features | Revisited: Range Rover Evoque

And all because the boat ran aground. Yup, the Hoegh Osaka, a massive automobile-automobilerying roll-on-roll-off ship stuck its 51,000 displaced tonnes onto a sandbank off the south coast of England and apparently 1.7 tonnes or so of that was the Land Rover Discovery Sport that I was supposed to be testing this week. Whoops.

Ah well, the Land Rover people very kindly threw me into a Range Rover Evoque for the week. Therefore, in lieu of a full road test of the Evoque, which we did when the automobile was updated last year, here…

Embracing the slowness

by Neil Briscoe on 13 Feb 2015

changagoidem Features | Embracing the slowness

It can hardly come as a surprise to you that we, the changagoidem team, are often compared to the Top Gear team. It's inevitable. Top Gear has done the remarkable job of, in just under a decade, taking motoring and general petrol-headedness off the specialist (nerdy, anorak-y, lonely...) shelf and placing it front and screaming centre in people's minds. People who know nothing about automobiles watch Top Gear. People who have no interest in driving, who couldn't tell understeer from oversteer from any-steer. They love it, in their millions, worldwide. And we, the rest of the hard working motoring writing…

8 Top Tips to Save on Automobile Insurance Costs

by Paul Healy on 09 Feb 2015

changagoidem Features | 8 Top Tips to Save on Automobile Insurance Costs

According to the latest data, automobile insurance has overtaken fuel prices as the biggest concern for motorists. And with good reason: as Completeautomobile.ie discovered late last year insurance premiums are on the rise while the drop in crude oil prices mean automobile owners are paying less at the pumps.

So how do you save on automobile insurance costs?

1 Shop around
Irish consumers are typically averse to switching service providers and while we are more likely to switch automobile insurance provider than we are our banks the uptake is still relatively…

Friday Find 6th February 2015

by Paul Healy on 06 Feb 2015

changagoidem Features | Friday Find 6th February 2015

The Volkswagen Golf is amongst the most popular automobiles in Ireland, finishing 2014 atop the sales charts having sold more, in one model, than the entire Audi range combined. So far, 2015 looks to be no different with the Golf finishing comfortably ahead of the second placed Ford Focus in the busy January period.

Demand for the Golf is strong but there are savings to be made. For this week's #FridayFind we present a used Golf in popular Comfortline specification with the all-important 1.6-litre TDI diesel engine. This particular model is an ex-demo automobile from Michael Moore Volkswagen in…

Eight top tips on how to prepare your automobile for its NCT

by Shane O' Donoghue on 05 Feb 2015

changagoidem Features | Eight top tips on how to prepare your automobile for its NCT

There was a time when being caught without a valid NCT involved a nod and a wink and a promise to get the automobile tested, but that has all changed. Since December 2014, driving without a valid certificate means a fixed charge penalty notice and three penalty points.

Figures show that over 50 per cent of automobiles - or more than 650,000 - failed their NCT in 2013, including 4,500 that had to be towed away from test centres, deemed unroadworthy. Sautomobiley, but the NCT itself is not sautomobiley and even the least mechanically minded can follow our…


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