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Friday Find 20th March 2015

by Neil Briscoe on 20 Mar 2015

changagoidem Features | Friday Find 20th March 2015

With everyone well into their Saint Patrick's Day hangover, we thought that it would be timely to flag up a automobile that's both soothingly quiet to the ears and relatively gentle on partied-out wallets.

The Toyota Prius doesn't get a lot of automotive writer love, but it's a darned effective way to get a foothold on the electric automobile ladder. OK, so the Prius' tech is relatively old these days - this is no plugin and you won't even find any lithium-ion batteries here. But we did find a current-shape model, with lots of optional…

Beware the march of technology

by Neil Briscoe on 18 Mar 2015

changagoidem Features | Beware the march of technology

You have never heard of Oswald Boelcke. Well, let me qualify that. You are extremely unlikely to have heard of Oswald Boelcke, unless you are an especially diligent student of the history of either (or both) of the First World War or the development of fighter aircraft tactics.

You may have heard of Manfred Von Richthofen, the immortal Red Baron - as lauded and feared by his comrades as his foes, even if he's possibly best known for being played in parody form by Ade Edmonson in Blackadder. Richthofen, as cold and ruthless a killing machine as has ever…

Friday Find 13th March 2015

by Neil Briscoe on 13 Mar 2015

changagoidem Features | Friday Find 13th March 2015

With today being Friday the 13th, today's Friday Find pair are all about the numbers. In the sensible corner, is this Mazda6 Tourer estate. The 6, with its 2.2-litre diesel engine, is one of our very favourite mid-size family automobiles, and it looks best (and works best too) as an estate. Massively practical, terrific to drive and deeply, deeply handsome. Just watch that fuel consumption - with 150hp on tap, it's often too tempting to dip into the engine's power reserves, which drives you consumption up rather a lot.

We've found this 131-plate…


by Neil Briscoe on 12 Mar 2015

changagoidem Features | Triska-decka-GTFO

I can still remember the sheer, forehead-slapping, face-palming stupidity of it. Actual, real politicians (ok, so one of them was a Healy-Rae) were standing up in Dail Eireann and declaiming the fact that Ireland was blundering into an unlucky numberplate, with a 13 on it. The sky is falling! The giant ants are chasing me! And, there's a 13 on my numberplate! Aaaaaaaarrgqgghhhhh!!!!

Remember that? There really were genuine fears that people would avoid buying automobiles in 2013 because the numberplate had an unlucky 13 on it. It was believed to lead to the massive change in our registration…

The Next Big Thing?

by Dave Humphreys on 12 Mar 2015

changagoidem Features | The Next Big Thing?

Your automobile says as much about you as the social media network you choose to invest the majority of your time in. However, the automotive world, like that of social media, is in a greater state of flux than ever before and the truth is nobody really knows how it's going to play out exactly.

The traditional internal combustion engine is experiencing a similar plight to Facebook. Virtually everyone has one and it's now starting to become socially uncool in certain circles to keep it going, with many informed opinions suggesting it has had its day.

Then there are…

The weirder side to Geneva Motor Show

by Dave Humphreys on 08 Mar 2015

changagoidem Features | The weirder side to Geneva Motor Show

The Geneva Motor Show always had good form when it comes to the best superautomobile manufacturers trotting out their latest, greatest, fastest and lightest new models. But, venture a little further from some of the main halls and you'll soon come across some less well-known makers and designs. Here's a look at just a few.

Borgward Isabella Coupe

No, you haven't slipped through a wormhole to the 1957 Geneva Motor Show; this is the new Isabella Coupe from Borgward. Originally founded in 1929, Borgward was based in Bremen, Germany, but has been defunct since it went bankrupt in 1961.



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