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Friday Find 6th March 2015

by Neil Briscoe on 06 Mar 2015

changagoidem Features | Friday Find 6th March 2015

With all the hoopla surrounding the launch of the new (and rather brilliant) Volvo XC90, spare a thought for the outgoing model, thirteen years on since it was launched, and still one of the most popular premium family seven seaters around. You could have picked a new one up for a hair under €50k last year, but for a proper bargain, how about this; a D5 automatic in SE spec for the price of a basic Skoda Fabia?

It's even a one-owner automobile and comes from a main Volvo…

Volkswagen Group Night at the Geneva Motor Show

by Dave Humphreys on 03 Mar 2015

changagoidem Features | Volkswagen Group Night at the Geneva Motor Show

Even though every major motor show is now pre-empted by a Volkswagen Group Night, such is the breath of brands and models within that simply enormous portfolio that it still manages to generate a genuine buzz.

For the uninitiated, it is a fast-paced spectacle and vying for a prime viewing spot is akin to being thrown into the deepest of deep ends. It is literally dog eat dog, every automotive journalist for themselves, and with the limited Wi-Fi having a similar effect as being starved of oxygen, it's always fun.

The evening's procession of automotive high fashion got…

Audi trips the light fantastic

by Dave Humphreys on 25 Feb 2015

changagoidem Features | Audi trips the light fantastic

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited into the inner sanctums of one of Audi's R&D laboratories in Ingolstadt. The premise was to look at some of the new lighting technology that Audi is working on, in particular its new laser headlight that will feature as an option on the new R8 sports automobile. The system is very similar to that featured in the limited-run R8 LMX - a model that was released essentially to beat the BMW i8 to the title of having the world's first series…

First Impressions: Land Rover Discovery Sport

by Neil Briscoe on 22 Feb 2015

changagoidem Features | First Impressions: Land Rover Discovery Sport

While first impressions are always important, they are not everything. That has been proven (honestly, I'm not as fat and boring, as I initially seem...) this week by the Land Rover Discovery Sport. While it looks all shark-nosed and sexy when you walk up to it, there is a palpable sense of disappointment - Land Rover expects this automobile to compete with the likes of the Audi Q5 and BMW X3, but its cabin is lacking the German's final touch of class and sophistication.

It's not bad in there.…

First Impressions: Audi A6 2.0 TDI 190hp Ultra

by Neil Briscoe on 22 Feb 2015

changagoidem Features | First Impressions: Audi A6 2.0 TDI 190hp Ultra

The A6 is getting on a bit now and you can really see that when you hop in to the cabin. Compared to the pared-back interior of the new Audi TT, the A6 cabin seems a little aged and last-gen. That said, there's still an awful lot of good stuff going on here - it's incredibly comfy, knocking off repeated round-trips between Dublin and changagoidem's Belfast office (L'Officine Du changagoidem Nord - or my front room as it's better known) without any apparent effort.

Without any apparent fuel burn either - you see this…

Rolls-Royce bows to the inevitable

by Neil Briscoe on 19 Feb 2015

changagoidem Features | Rolls-Royce bows to the inevitable

Well, it was the worst kept secret in the motoring world really, wasn't it? That Rolls-Royce would eventually produce its own-brand SUV. It has a ring of utter inevitability about it, especially since once-time stablemate and now rival Bentley is well on the way to launching its own such automobile. While the EXP-9 Falcon prototype (which will be unveiled as the Bentyaga production model soon) was pilloried for its sheer ugliness, that didn't stop it picking up a barrel-full of lucrative orders from the Middle-and-Far-East. Rolls clearly took note.

The gears of inevitability meshed…


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