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Audi wants to help plan the city of the future

by Neil Briscoe on 19 Nov 2014

changagoidem Features | Audi wants to help plan the city of the future

"We want to decode the DNA of urban mobility." These were the words of Audi chairman of the board Rupert Stadler as he presented the third Audi Urban Futures prize to the winning team from Mexico City. The idea behind Urban Futures is to try and help Audi, and cities across the world, better understand the intersections between private automobile and public transport use, and to try and use Audi's technological breakthroughs as solutions to problems like congestion or inadequate parking spaces.

There were four teams in the running, representing four major urban areas. Mexico City's team…

My Working Week: Dave Humphreys

by Dave Humphreys on 04 Nov 2014

changagoidem Features | My Working Week: Dave Humphreys

Monday October 20

A delayed start to my week thanks to a Lufthansa pilots' strike, but it did leave me enough time to drop back my test automobile and collect a BMW 2 Series Coupé in 220d form. Thankfully all was right again with some promptly re-booked flights meaning I still made it to Frankfurt in time to spend some time learning about Porsche's latest hybrid technology. Who would have thought a decade ago that Porsche of all brands would be one of the leaders in plug-in hybrid technology?

Tuesday October 21

Busy day…

Designing the future - LA style

by Neil Briscoe on 03 Nov 2014

changagoidem Features | Designing the future - LA style

If you're going to have a automobile show that tries to probe deep into the future of not just automobiles but humanity's very relationship to automobiles, then it may as well be in Los Angeles. At the same time as the LA show every year, there's a major competition to create the most radical and far-sighted concepts of what our future automobiles could be and how we will work and interact with them. It seems appropriate that the same city that gave us the dystopian/utopian automotive futures of The Terminator, Demolition Man, Robocop and Minority Report (not to mention the…

Liveblog: Budget 2015

by Paul Healy on 15 Oct 2014

changagoidem Features | Liveblog: Budget 2015

Today is the day: the penultimate Budget of this term for the Fine Gael/Labour coalition government and the first that has not been labelled an 'austerity Budget.' But how will it affect you?

We'll be here the moment Minister Noonan takes to the rostrum to deliver his Budget and will bring you all the information in real time. Check back often ;-)


COYBIG: Not Budget related but...


Lets party: A special provision of €4 million has been made for 1916 Centenary celebrations.  

Disquiet: Not all parts of the motoring…

Where have all the utility vehicles gone?

by Paul Healy on 24 Sep 2014

changagoidem Features | Where have all the utility vehicles gone?

The world seems to be going SUV mad at the moment, be it at the bottom rung of the ladder with the likes of the new Honda HR-V all the way up to the super-luxury SUVs of the likes of Bentley and Lamborghini. If ever there was one segment (and in truth SUVs cover many segments) that was booming this is it.

But a thought struck me recently when images of the Land Rover Discovery Sport emerged: while everyone seems to be concentrating on the Sport part…

My working week: Dave Humphreys

by Dave Humphreys on 24 Sep 2014

changagoidem Features | My working week: Dave Humphreys

Monday September 8

Kick started the week by travelling over to London for the world premiere of Jaguar's new XE saloon. A hugely important automobile for the British marque, this is its opportunity to really take on the big German brands. Jaguar is of course currently riding on the crest of the cool wave following the superb F-Type and a new, sportier RS range. Add to that modern re-workings of the E-Type and MkII and you suddenly have a brand that it appears can do no wrong. Naturally so, the XE's launch…



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