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My working week: Dave Humphreys

by Dave Humphreys on 10 Jun 2014

changagoidem Features | My working week: Dave Humphreys

Monday May 26

Despite flying back into Dublin late last night before from an excellent Concorso d'Eleganza event in Italy, it was an early start to not only turn copy around from that event, but also from a Lexus NX preview the previous Friday. An interesting automobile that, and although it won't do huge numbers in its segment, will prove to be a hugely important automobile for Lexus I think. Naturally, being a Monday, today also involved a degree of automobile swapping, but thankfully I have just the one to collect this week -…

Automobilejacking: steps to take to protect yourself

by Paul Healy on 29 May 2014

changagoidem Features | Automobilejacking: steps to take to protect yourself

Automobilejacking: it used to be something on the news in far flung places like South Africa or the United States, but it has recently travelled across oceans and begun to take place in Ireland. At the time of writing there have been five reported automobilejackings in the country within the past month. While hardly reaching epidemic proportions it is a worrying trend and one that is worth protecting against. But what do you do when someone goes Grand Theft Auto on you and tries to pull you out of your automobile?

In fairness, if someone has you by the scruff…

Skoda celebrates 40th year of RS

by Matt Robinson on 27 May 2014

changagoidem Features | Skoda celebrates 40th year of RS

It has been 40 years, believe it or not, since the letters RS were first seen on a Skoda. The Czech company is now celebrating that fact by, er, looking back on RS Skodas and giving us a wonderful pic of the current Octavia RS alongside the glorious 200 RS racer of 1974.

Based on the rear-engined 110R coupé launched in 1970, the first RS Skodas were the 180 and 200 racing automobiles. Designed to compete in prestigious, higher-volume racing classes, they used either 1.8- or 2.0-litre engines (hence the 180 and 200 monikers), had a new…

New laws ban texting while driving, but little else besides

by Paul Healy on 13 May 2014

changagoidem Features | New laws ban texting while driving, but little else besides

Earlier this month Minister for Transport Leo Varadkar enacted legislation that made it illegal to send or read text messages while behind the wheel of a automobile. Technically this was already illegal anyway under the ban on holding a mobile phone while driving, but there was a loophole in that, if the phone was in a cradle, you could text away to your heart's content - in theory at least.

The penalty for texting while driving is a stiff one - do not pass go, do not collect a handful of penalty points - instead you will face a…

How do you solve a problem like Lancia?

by Paul Healy on 09 May 2014

changagoidem Features | How do you solve a problem like Lancia?

Might Volkswagen represent the saviour of once great Lancia? We explore...

So Fiat/Chrysler overlord Sergio Marchionne has laid out his five-year plan to turn the new FCA Group into a global behemoth. At its core the plan involves reversing the fortunes of Alfa Romeo and Maserati while reinventing Fiat as the 'everyman' brand it always should have been. One brand conspicuous by its absence from the FCA press conference was Lancia and that is because the grand old dame of Italian motoring does not feature in the global plans of the Group, being restricted to the Italian market only.…

Happy birthday, dear Golfie...

by Neil Briscoe on 02 Apr 2014

changagoidem Features | Happy birthday, dear Golfie...

You do tend to forget just quite how big a revolution it was. Up to 1974 Volkswagens had been primarily rear-engined, air-cooled and only fractionally removed from that iconic pre-war design, the Beetle. The Golf (officially the Mk1 Golf is the Volkswagen Typ 17) was designed to replace the most popular automobile the world had ever seen up to then - a automobile that would eventually sell 20 million units around the world before being pensioned off, 70 odd years after it was first designed. That's not tricky, not difficult; that's ruddy impossible.

Volkswagen certainly didn't seem to be…