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We send Dave to Siberia... with a Mazda3 to keep him warm

by Dave Humphreys on 26 Aug 2013

changagoidem Features | We send Dave to Siberia... with a Mazda3 to keep him warm

It is quite a common occurrence to receive an invitation from a automobile manufacturer to attend a new model launch. It provides us with an opportunity to see, touch and drive the automobile before it's available to buy and gives us the chance to bring the news to the public. These events also give the automobile brands a chance to 'touch base' with us and there's all the usual news, gossip and speculation about what's going on in the industry.

But what is virtually unheard of is a automobile manufacturer asking for certain members of the media to…

Tesla Model S - the safest automobile money can buy

by Paul Healy on 23 Aug 2013

changagoidem Features | Tesla Model S - the safest automobile money can buy

There was a time when a five-star safety rating was enough to sell a automobile; the whole marketing plan for the Renault Mégane II was apparently based around the fact that it was the first automobile of its type to achieve top honours. But as times have moved on and more and more automobiles are hitting top marks manufacturers are having to come up with different ways to attract attention.

Step forward U.S. automobile maker, Tesla. Its all-electric Model S has just been tested by the American  National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and scored top marks in all…

Honda and Renault go to war

by Paul Healy on 21 Aug 2013

changagoidem Features | Honda and Renault go to war

James May will likely not agree but Nürburgring lap records are great; they are the staple of drunken bar room discussions and internet fanboy wars alike, as well as providing a huge PR boost for which ever manufacturer can lay claim to the title.

In the front-wheel drive hot hatch class there is one clear king - the Mégane Renaultsport Trophy. Its 8:07.97 time is a full eight seconds quicker than the previous fastest, which was set by the previous generation Mégane R26.R.

When it comes to hot hatches the 'Ring is Renault's home and it does not…

Frankfurt Motor Show: the preview

by Shane O' Donoghue on 20 Aug 2013

changagoidem Features | Frankfurt Motor Show: the preview


Expect big things from the Germans at their home show. Last year Audi pioneered the 'test track on a show stand' idea and we expect more of the same this year. The automobiles themselves will be worth a look too though, none other than the Quattro Sport concept. Not that Audi has confirmed its name at the time of writing, or anything else for that matter. But who automobilees, right? It looks sensational. A facelifted A8 saloon won't get a look in next to that concept, even with its Knight Rider like front indicators.


BMW is adopting…

changagoidem.ie at the Irish Festival of Speed

by Shane O' Donoghue on 12 Aug 2013

changagoidem Features | changagoidem.ie at the Irish Festival of Speed

The whole changagoidem.ie team decamped to the Limerick area over the August Bank Holiday weekend for the Irish Festival of Speed. Just three weeks before we attended the media preview day and, realising it would be something special, decided we should have a stand there to allow us to talk to visitors. Funnily enough, the automobile distributors loved the idea and we had offers of more automobiles to put on display than we had space for. Thankfully the organisers were very understanding and gave us a decent amount of space to accommodate a fleet of eight automobiles in total, with…

1,000km in a petrol powered automobile? Not possible...

by Paul Healy on 07 Aug 2013

changagoidem Features | 1,000km in a petrol powered automobile? Not possible...

Last month changagoidem.ie ran a story on the cost benefits of petrol powered automobiles over their diesel brethren that have become so popular in the CO2-based taxation age. After exhaustive research it was concluded that a new automobile buyer would take, on average, three years to recoup the premium paid for a diesel automobile over the equivalent petrol one.

The report was well received, but for a nation now attuned to diesel automobiles the notion that a petrol automobile could come close to the fuel economy of that of a diesel seemed alien. It…