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My working week: Paul Healy

by Paul Healy on 11 Oct 2013

changagoidem Features | My working week: Paul Healy

Monday Oct 7

An early start this morning to catch a flight to Amsterdam for the BMW i3 launch - that of the actual production model you can go out and buy next month. This is a automobile we (and the rest of the world) have been waiting a long time for so I am really looking forward to the trip - will it be just another electric automobile or will BMW engineering nous make it different? You can read my full review here.

As I am one of the first…

My working week: Shane O' Donoghue

by Shane O' Donoghue on 11 Oct 2013

changagoidem Features | My working week: Shane O' Donoghue

Monday Oct 7

Mondays, as you may have gathered from our wittering, is the day most Irish motoring journalists change their test automobiles, so it's often a hectic day. This week things were made a little easier for me as Paul dropped 'my' Citroen C4 Picasso back and left me a black Toyota Corolla for the week. Automotive Team, the excellent logistics company employed by some of the distributors, also deliver a gleaming orange BMW Z4.

Having not made it to the international launch myself, this was my first chance…

Winter driving tips time again

by Neil Briscoe on 10 Oct 2013

changagoidem Features | Winter driving tips time again

Nights closing in? Check. Cloud and rain where once there was endless blue? Check. A crisp frost on the ground where hitherto was only a soft dew? Check. Ah, good. each of the winter clichés have arrived on time and we can now settle into the freeze-fest that awaits.

Now, you would think that spending all our lives on a damp, cold, wet rock sticking out of the North Atlantic would have been adequate preparation for driving in the winter, but for some cussed reason, we Irish seem to think that we're actually a lost band of Mediterraneans, so we do…

My working week: Neil Briscoe

by Neil Briscoe on 09 Oct 2013

changagoidem Features | My working week: Neil Briscoe

Monday Sep 30

Off down to the palatial surrounds of Luttrelstown Castle to have a gander at the new BMW 4 Series. Now, I'm naturally suspicious when a automobile maker tells us something is brand new, yet it is in fact utterly familiar and the 4 Series at first seems to fall into this category. In spite of every exterior panel being all new, it just looks like a cut-and-shut 3 Series, is all but identical inside and feels more or less the same to drive. In fact, it even seems to…

Death of the humble cigarette lighter

by Paul Healy on 08 Oct 2013

changagoidem Features | Death of the humble cigarette lighter

Hyundai has announced that it is to replace the in-automobile cigarette lighter with a USB port after a survey of Hyundai buyers in Korea revealed that 84 per cent of respondents said they didn't use the lighter in their automobile and 92 per cent expressed a preference for a USB port over the lighter hole.

For the moment the move will only apply to Korean domestic market automobiles, but could in time be rolled out to other markets. Hyundai claims it is the "first auto company in the world" to make the move and comes at a time when…

Premium brands target Brazilian market

by Paul Healy on 03 Oct 2013

changagoidem Features | Premium brands target Brazilian market

With the European automobile market still on the decline, and preparations in place to take advantage of an expected two-fold growth in China, many automobile manufacturers are looking around the world to identify the next growth region. For premium manufacturers at least it would appear to be Brazil, the largest economy in Latin America with annual automobile sales of 4.3 million units.

The vast majority of these sales are what we would term mainstream models so options for the likes of a Citroen or Fiat to enter the market is limited, but with less than 100,000 'luxury' automobiles sold last…