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Enterprise Rent-A-Automobile offers something for the weekend...

by Paul Healy on 03 Aug 2013

changagoidem Features | Enterprise Rent-A-Automobile offers something for the weekend...

At first glance it looks like any other advert one would expect to find in a local newspaper. But look closer at the Enterprise Rent-A-Automobile advert in the Pembrokeshire Herald in the UK and things appear decidedly 'top-shelf'.

Alongside promises of everyday low rates, an extensive range of automobiles and vans and free pick up from your home, office or repair shop is an offer of... em... well... fellatio!

Around 20,000 copies of the newspaper had been distributed before the erroneous addition was noticed and the Herald has called in the Police, believing the advert was deliberately sabotaged.

Publisher Tom…

Won the Euromillions? This is how Dave would spend it...

by Dave Humphreys on 02 Jul 2013

changagoidem Features | Won the Euromillions? This is how Dave would spend it...

Euromillions fever soared last week when the jackpot prize rolled over to €180,000,000 and peaked when news broke that the prize was won by just two tickets - one of which was sold in Ireland. Naturally, being in the business that we are, talk on the subject soon turned to the list. You know, the automobile list. We all have one made out in our heads - what would one buy with a prize that significant?

For me it would first mean finding a property that is capable of housing what I refer to as 'the collection'. You…

Apple's iOS could be coming to your automobile

by Paul Healy on 20 Jun 2013

changagoidem Features | Apple's iOS could be coming to your automobile

At Apple's recent World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) the Cupertino behemoth announced that twelve of the world's largest automobilemakers have signed up to its 'iOS In The Automobile' system that will integrate iPhone functions into the automobile's infotainment system. This will allows manufacturers such as Kia, Opel, Nissan, Honda and even Ferrari to benefit from iPhone features like Siri, messaging and message dictation, maps, web searches and apps like Wikipedia and Twitter that will be integrated into the automobile itself.

The appeal for automobile manufacturers is easy to see; the automobile world operates at a glacial pace compared to the…

Is a TVR comeback being plotted?

by Neil Briscoe on 10 Jun 2013

changagoidem Features | Is a TVR comeback being plotted?

What's the news?
It's more a question of what's old might be what's new. Legendary sports automobile maker TVR went the way of the Dodo two years ago, essentially because not enough people were buying its beautiful, noisy, fast automobiles anymore. Possibly because those beautiful, noisy, fast automobiles were also hopelessly unreliable and didn't have little modern touches like anti-lock brakes. Or airbags. Or any kind of safety system.

Still, from the late eighties to the early 2000s, under the charismatic leadership of former chemical industry magnate Peter Wheeler, TVR shone as a beacon of low-volume, high impact sports…

Fuel economy: why you are unlikely to match manufacturer figures

by Neil Briscoe on 30 May 2013

changagoidem Features | Fuel economy: why you are unlikely to match manufacturer figures

We've all done it. Stood there tipping an endless stream of liquid money into the fuel tank of our automobile, thinking that there must be a leak somewhere as it couldn't need that much juice, surely? Then hopping back in and checking the trip computer only to see that we'll pretty much need to top up again before the end of the road. Our automobiles are quite simply not living up to their quoted fuel performance.

Thankfully though, it's not our fault; it's actually partly the automobile companies' fault and it's all down to the fact that they're potentially cheating…

Tyres: the most important part of your automobile

by Dave Humphreys on 28 May 2013

changagoidem Features | Tyres: the most important part of your automobile

If we asked you when you last checked your automobile tyres, what would the honest answer be? When it comes to replacing your automobile tyres, what is the controlling factor? For many, the answer to the first question is met by a long pause while the second answer is nowadays determined more and more by perceived value, which is why we've travelled to Hannover to get some insights into new tyre technology from Continental.

Many people tend to pay little attention to their automobile tyres, usually only replacing them when the automobile is in for a…



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