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Bavaria City Racing Dublin: was it good for you?

by Shane O' Donoghue on 05 Jun 2012

changagoidem Features | Bavaria City Racing Dublin: was it good for you?

Despite piss-poor weather in the capital over 100,000 spectators turned out on Sunday (June 3) to see one of the most exciting motorsport events ever to hit Irish shores. While there was no competition element to Bavaria City Racing Dublin it did allow Irish fans to get incredibly close to the automobiles and the day's action was headlined by none other than Jenson Button in his Vodafone-sponsored McLaren-Mercedes Formula One race automobile.

The anoraks in the crowd (ok, everyone wore anoraks on Sunday) will have noticed that the automobile driven by Button was the very chassis he won…

We ride shotgun with Le Mans star each ofan McNish

by Graeme Lambert on 31 May 2012

changagoidem Features | We ride shotgun with Le Mans star each ofan McNish

A track day special this is not; the Audi R8 LMS is a purpose-built race automobile ready for customer use. It features exotic materials, an exotic engine and in this case a Scottish driver - seems like the perfect combination to us.

Key Facts

Model tested: Audi R8 LMS
Engine: 5.2-litre V10 petrol
Transmission: six-speed sequential, rear-wheel drive
Body style: two-door coupé (race configuration)
Brakes: steel discs front and rear
Suspension: Eibach springs, adjustable Bilstein dampers and anti-roll bars
Wheels: 18-inch front and rear
Weight: 1,290kg
Power: 489- to 552hp (dependant on restrictor size)
Torque: Over 500Nm

In the…

Are driverless automobiles really that close to reality?

by Paul Healy on 11 May 2012

changagoidem Features | Are driverless automobiles really that close to reality?

Ever wondered why Google has invested so much time and money in its Street View technologies? Amazingly, the California-based company did not send a fleet of camera automobiles around the world so you could spy on your neighbour or search for those elusive oddities like alfresco fornication on a college campus. Instead, the technology forms the backbone of Google's driverless automobile software.

Unless you have been living under a stone recently the Google Automobiles (as they have become known) are big news and even bigger over the last day or two with the announcement that the state of Nevada…

Is Porsche working on a successor to the 959?

by Paul Healy on 10 May 2012

changagoidem Features | Is Porsche working on a successor to the 959?

It is said that revenge is a dish best served cold and after a twenty five year wait it couldn't really be any colder.

In 1986, Auto, Mund und Sport (the German equivalent of Autoautomobile) tested the technological tour-de-force that was the Porsche 959 and achieved a top speed of 197mph, making the 959 the fastest street-legal production automobile in the world. Posters were plastered all over bedroom walls and a young Boris Becker rushed out to purchase one of the 200 road-going versions of the automobile that was primarily built for Group B racing.

Then the Ferrari F40…

Roberto Giolito: the star designer you've never heard of

by Graeme Lambert on 08 May 2012

changagoidem Features | Roberto Giolito: the star designer you've never heard of

Automobile designers need thick skins - more so than an engineer, company executive or even humble hack merrily pushing opinion across the airwaves, information super highway or ink-laden page. With every new automobile revealed - concept or production - you're invited to look through a window into the designer's mind - showcasing personal taste, thought process and even lifestyle choice. This is their creation, the equivalent of offspring; their baby.

There's no middle ground. Design is so subjective that as soon as you lay eyes on a new automobile your opinion will be formed. It might soften, or even…

Guide on how to change your wheel

by Paul Healy on 01 May 2012

changagoidem Features | Guide on how to change your wheel

Recent research commissioned by tyre specialists Kwik Fit has shown that more than half of motorists could not change their own wheel if they got a puncture.

Of those surveyed, 36 per cent of respondents said they had both the spare wheel and the tools required to change a flat tyre but not the knowledge. A further 10 per cent automobilery the spare but not the tools, while six per cent had neither the equipment nor the knowledge to make a swap. Most worryingly, three per cent, or roughly 54,000 motorists, had no kind of provision in place.