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Ireland's most romantic roads named

by John Lambert on 13 Feb 2012

changagoidem Features | Ireland's most romantic roads named

Ever wondered how many of the country's roads have Valentine related names?  TomTom has revealed where they are.

Valentine's day is just a few hours away and TomTom has named Ireland's most popular romantic road names.  The results come from the company's map database, searching for street names containing the words; Darling, Rose, Love, Heart, Sweet and Valentine.

County Cork has the most roads (by length) with names suitable for a Valentine's drive.  At 7.09km it has over three times as many as second placed Kilkenny.  In tenth place West Meath there is just one third of a kilometre…

Friday's fantasy: caught in the classifieds

by Paul Healy on 10 Feb 2012

changagoidem Features | Friday's fantasy: caught in the classifieds

Normally the Friday Fantasy would involve scouring through the listings on looking for something that tickles our fancy, but this automobile comes to us via Facebook. The advert was posted by a motor racing chum who comes from an age regularly called the PlayStation Generation. It is defined by an unnatural infatuation with hot Japanese motors. So for said chum to highlight a European automobile not seen since the early nineties it has to be special.



At the time of its launch in…

News in brief - Feb 9, 2012

by Shane O' Donoghue on 09 Feb 2012

changagoidem Features | News in brief - Feb 9, 2012

A busy news day finally, though most of the stories relate to automobiles that aren't terribly relevant in Ireland. Two of which made their debut at the Chicago Auto Show in the States, which opened its doors last night. The Nissan 370Z has been given a minor overhaul to keep it fresh in the wake of forthcoming new rivals (such as the all-new Porsche Boxster/Cayman and Audi TT).


As you can see, there's not a lot to report. The wheels are a new design, the front bumper houses LED daytime running lights and there are a few other tweaks.…

News in brief - Feb 8, 2012

by Shane O' Donoghue on 08 Feb 2012

changagoidem Features | News in brief - Feb 8, 2012

It has gone suspiciously quiet this week. No doubt all the press offices are waiting for the perfect moment to announce their Geneva Motor Show plans. Opel has already confirmed its line-up, which will include a 280hp OPC version of the new Astra GTC. Alongside will sit a 195hp BiTurbo Insignia, which is the most powerful diesel automobile yet made by the company. It promises to be clean as well so don't rule it out for the Irish market.


We've already looked at the Mokka crossover, which will be sold here, while we'll not waste too much time on…

News in brief - Feb 7, 2012

by Shane O' Donoghue on 07 Feb 2012

changagoidem Features | News in brief - Feb 7, 2012

Let's catch up on the rest of yesterday's news first. The most interesting titbit was the revealing of one of Nissan's stars at the Geneva Motor Show. Called the Invitation, this concept clearly paves the way for a new production model and that'd be the replacement for the Note compact MPV.

It's a cracking looking automobile by all accounts, and we'd be hopeful that much of the Invitation's look will be automobileried through to the showroom in 2013. In some ways it's closer in style to a conventional five-door hatchback, though we'd expect plenty of versatility inside. Sorry to…

News in brief this morning - Feb 6, 2012

by Shane O' Donoghue on 06 Feb 2012

changagoidem Features | News in brief this morning - Feb 6, 2012

Monday mornings are usually a bit slow in the motoring world, but there are a few bits and pieces to look at today. The most relevant news to Irish new automobile buyers is the revealing of SEAT's new five-door Mii.

Just like its Volkswagen up! and Skoda Citigo cousins it's little different to the three-door option, other than an extra pair of doors, naturally. That makes it easier to get into the rear seats and hence it'll be the best-selling version.

Actually, SEAT Ireland hasn't confirmed whether or not it will import the three-door model. Assuming it does…

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