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Ford pimps Santa's ride

by Paul Healy on 23 Dec 2011

changagoidem Features | Ford pimps Santa's ride

We do not normally cover 'celeb gets a free automobile' type stories on changagoidem.ie but this one is a little bit special!

It would appear that Rudolph will not be guiding Santa's sleigh this year with the latest news from the North Pole that jolly old St. Nick has moved into the twenty-first century. With the environmental implications of his 200,237,360km annual journey and the rising cost of the automobilerots that fuel the reindeer weighing heavily on his mind, Father Christmas will this year switch to a Ford EcoBoost powered sleigh.

The new sleigh will allow Kris Kringle to…

Diesel power for a city life?

by Shane O' Donoghue on 15 Dec 2011

changagoidem Features | Diesel power for a city life?

When advising buyers what automobile to go for, one of the first things we ask them is how they'll use it. While Irish drivers are obsessed with diesel power at the moment, petrol automobiles can make sense depending on your circumstances, especially if you're going for a small automobile and you don't plan on astronomical annual mileages. Likewise, petrol-electric hybrids are suited more to a city life than one in which you pound the motorways.

So, where does our Golf BlueMotion fit in? Well, in truth, it's driven in and around Dublin city the vast majority of the time,…

What does Budget 2012 mean to the motorist?

by Paul Healy on 08 Dec 2011

changagoidem Features | What does Budget 2012 mean to the motorist?

One quick thinking commentator described Enda Kenny's State of the Nation address - which seemed to prepare us for the most hard hitting and austere budget in living memory - as the pep talk you receive from the dentist before he starts a root canal. But on the face of it Budget 2012 was not as bad as we had been lead to believe. Certainly changagoidem.ie is happy that the tub of Vaseline we had to hand as Michael Noonan delivered his first as Minister for Finance has now been returned to the medicine cabinet...

Changes to the Universal Social…

Our Volkswagen Golf gets winter tyres

by Shane O' Donoghue on 25 Nov 2011

changagoidem Features | Our Volkswagen Golf gets winter tyres

We regularly bang on about winter tyres and their merits so we've put our money where our mouths are this year and fitted a set of Bridgestone winter rubber to all four wheels of the changagoidem.ie Golf BlueMotion. It gave us an excuse to have the automobile cleaned again too. It's so easy to take one of the few permanent automobiles in the household for granted when there are so many shiny new models passing through our hands.

Have to admit that the clean has really brought up the paintwork and though the Golf doesn't turn heads in black…

What does the Automobile of the Year mean to the industry?

by Aidan Timmons - Motor Trade Publishers on 21 Nov 2011

changagoidem Features | What does the Automobile of the Year mean to the industry?

It comes as no surprise that this year's Continental Irish Automobile of the Year was a hotly coveted honour. It is being contested against the backdrop of an entirely fragmented market. With January looming and the peak of new automobile sales on the horizon, nabbing Ireland's prestigious award will undoubtedly provide the winner with an invaluable amount of exposure. However, it is not a simple case of the winner takes all. The very fact that some models have made the short list should serve to boost national appeal and manufacturers with a model listed in the top ten should take…

2012 Irish Automobile of the Year voting

by Shane O' Donoghue on 17 Nov 2011

changagoidem Features | 2012 Irish Automobile of the Year voting

Today the 2012 Continental Irish Automobile of the Year will be announced at the Convention Centre in Dublin. As mentioned elsewhere, the shortlist is as follows (in alphabetical order):

Ford C-MAX
Ford Focus
Honda CR-Z
Hyundai i40
Kia Picanto
Kia Rio
Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupé
Mercedes-Benz SLK
Peugeot 508
Range Rover Evoque

I have the privilege of having a vote and though all members of the Irish Motoring Writers Association (IMWA) have the right to vote in private I think it's no harm being open about it. Campbell Spray and I wrote about this in last weekend's Sunday Independent and…



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