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Volkswagen Golf or Touran?

by Shane O' Donoghue on 15 Mar 2012

changagoidem Features | Volkswagen Golf or Touran?

Having spent several months at the wheel of the Volkswagen Golf BlueMotion, and then with the Golf Edition-R, it's time to move on. Our next long term test automobile will be a SEAT Exeo, but before that arrives we have the recently updated Volkswagen Touran for a few weeks. You can read our full road test of the Touran here, and we're going to take this opportunity to compare it to living with a Golf. We suspect that's a decision some growing families will have to make.

First up, and despite cosmetic revisions at the end of last year,…

Scoop: more Audi A1 quattros

by Kyle Fortune on 18 Feb 2012

changagoidem Features | Scoop: more Audi A1 quattros

Three hundred and thirty three. That's how many A1 quattros Audi will build. That's not including this rather innocuous red example we spotted at the A1 quattro's launch. It's incomprehensible that Audi has spent all that time and effort squeezing a four-wheel drive transmission into its smallest model for such a tiny production run. And it has admitted as much. 

Sources claim that four quattro-equipped A1s were built over two years ago for appraisal by management. Unlike this red A1, and the 333 production examples, the development automobiles borrowed their engines from the Volkswagen Polo - though nobody would…

Men more likely to be swayed by flash automobiles...

by Paul Healy on 13 Feb 2012

changagoidem Features | Men more likely to be swayed by flash automobiles...

The term "gold digger" has been inextricably linked with women since time immemorial; however, if the latest research is to be believed then Madonna should have been singing about material boys not girls.

In the build-up to Valentine's Day (it's just a few hours away - pick up a automobiled and some choccies on the way home quick!) AA Insurance polled nearly 17,000 people, asking them how much importance they place in classic status symbols such as a big house, flash automobile or high status automobileeer.

While 'prestige' professions such as surgeons, barristers and architects topped the poll for both…

Ireland's most romantic roads named

by John Lambert on 13 Feb 2012

changagoidem Features | Ireland's most romantic roads named

Ever wondered how many of the country's roads have Valentine related names?  TomTom has revealed where they are.

Valentine's day is just a few hours away and TomTom has named Ireland's most popular romantic road names.  The results come from the company's map database, searching for street names containing the words; Darling, Rose, Love, Heart, Sweet and Valentine.

County Cork has the most roads (by length) with names suitable for a Valentine's drive.  At 7.09km it has over three times as many as second placed Kilkenny.  In tenth place West Meath there is just one third of a kilometre…

Friday's fantasy: caught in the classifieds

by Paul Healy on 10 Feb 2012

changagoidem Features | Friday's fantasy: caught in the classifieds

Normally the Friday Fantasy would involve scouring through the listings on Automobilezone.ie looking for something that tickles our fancy, but this automobile comes to us via Facebook. The advert was posted by a motor racing chum who comes from an age regularly called the PlayStation Generation. It is defined by an unnatural infatuation with hot Japanese motors. So for said chum to highlight a European automobile not seen since the early nineties it has to be special.

1991 Vauxhall Lotus Automobilelton 


At the time of its launch in…

News in brief - Feb 9, 2012

by Shane O' Donoghue on 09 Feb 2012

changagoidem Features | News in brief - Feb 9, 2012

A busy news day finally, though most of the stories relate to automobiles that aren't terribly relevant in Ireland. Two of which made their debut at the Chicago Auto Show in the States, which opened its doors last night. The Nissan 370Z has been given a minor overhaul to keep it fresh in the wake of forthcoming new rivals (such as the all-new Porsche Boxster/Cayman and Audi TT).


As you can see, there's not a lot to report. The wheels are a new design, the front bumper houses LED daytime running lights and there are a few other tweaks.…