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Toyota Land Cruiser: 60 years and counting

by Shane O' Donoghue on 08 Aug 2011

changagoidem Features | Toyota Land Cruiser: 60 years and counting

The week I picked up Toyota's latest Land Cruiser for test fortuitously coincided with the 60th anniversary of the big off-roader. August 1st is the official birthday of the beast and this particular test automobile bears a smattering of '60th Anniversary' badges lest we forget.

Badges aside it's impossible to ignore; this is one huge automobile. Thankfully all that space taken up on the road is used to good effect inside, as, no matter what size you are you'll have loads of room - front or back. There's even a pair of extra seats folded into floor of the…

Spending time with an old friend

by Paddy Comyn on 05 Aug 2011

changagoidem Features | Spending time with an old friend

It all happened by accident. I was supposed to collect the Seat Ibiza ST, a automobile which sounds like it has performance potential, but is really just a Seat Ibiza Estate, which Shane had driven before anyway. But when I showed up at Seat's Liffey Valley headquarters, the Ibiza had gone AWOL and the Leon 1.6 TDi was offered by way of a replacement.

It had been quite a while since I had driven a Leon. Probably because it is a long time since the Leon was released. It has been around since…

The Qubo arrives

by Paddy Comyn on 26 Jul 2011

changagoidem Features | The Qubo arrives

The Fiat Qubo has joined the changagoidem.ie long-term test fleet and when it was first suggested that this automobile would come, I must admit that I wasn't what you called thrilled. Up until now I think I had only seen the Qubo in green (Disco Green) and it is certainly 'distinctive'.

But the arrival of a new addition to the Comyn family, young Noah has made me look at automobiles in a very different way. Even the normal family hatchback is filled to the brim very quickly with buggies and all the other 'stuff' that comes with a young…

Van driving at its best

by Shane O' Donoghue on 21 Jul 2011

changagoidem Features | Van driving at its best

As you can see from the site we get to test all manner of automobiles in this job, from the humble Fiat Panda to the mighty Caparo, but we rarely drive vans. A big house move changed all that. My wife and I moved into an apartment a few years ago when it was just the two of us and we moved to a house this month with two small kids in tow. I know some of you will appreciate the stress of the experience, but access to a range of vans helped enormously.

First up was the Fiat…

Volkswagen Touareg or Toyota Land Cruiser?

by Shane O' Donoghue on 02 Jun 2011

changagoidem Features | Volkswagen Touareg or Toyota Land Cruiser?


Before we start this comparison, let's be clear about one thing: very few buyers are interested in high-end SUVs in Ireland right now. The numbers say it all: in 2007, 5,079 premium SUVs were sold here, featuring 624 Land Cruisers and 261 Touaregs. Last year (2010), the sobering figures say 638, 39 and 3 respectively.

Now that's been said, how do the relatively new Land Cruiser and Touareg stack up against each other?

We don't think the price will be the deciding factor here, though the 3.0 TDI Touareg is a few grand cheaper than the D-4D 190…

First drive on Irish roads: BMW 1 Series M Coupé

by Shane O' Donoghue on 30 May 2011

changagoidem Features | First drive on Irish roads: BMW 1 Series M Coupé

I was fortunate enough to get to try out the new 'M1' when it was still in development back in October. I did my best to remain aloof and professional about it all, but let's face it; even the most hardened motoring critic is going to get excited about a 'baby M3'. That drive was on lovely smooth German roads and there was no doubt in my mind that the 1 Series M Coupé would live up to the hype.

Last week I got behind the wheel for a…



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