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Friday's Fantasy - Caught in the Classifieds

by Paddy Comyn on 13 May 2011

changagoidem Features | Friday's Fantasy - Caught in the Classifieds

The Audi A1 has been a pretty slow seller since it arrived in Ireland. It would appear that there just hasn't been that much of an appetite for the small high-end automobile, which can cost you an arm and a leg new. But they have started to show up on the used automobile forecourts and you can save a bundle on a nearly-new one if you go down this route instead.

Here is case in point - one we saw in Drogheda, Co.Louth.

A new…

VW Golf R: the forgotten super hatch?

by Shane O' Donoghue on 12 May 2011

changagoidem Features | VW Golf R: the forgotten super hatch?

While enthusiasts' desires are tempered a bit right now by economic reality, there are still some fabulous performance automobiles on the market. Irish buyers tend to veer toward hot hatches, as they're relatively affordable and practical despite giant-slaying performance. Once upon a time all hot hatches were comparable, but now there's a range of options, from the likes of the warm (but still great) Suzuki Swift Sport to the bonkers stuff like Ford's Focus RS and the new Audi RS 3.

Then there's the Volkswagen Golf R. It doesn't immediately stand out, despite the bright blue paintwork on our…

Friday's Fantasy - Caught in the Classifieds

by Paddy Comyn on 06 May 2011

changagoidem Features | Friday's Fantasy - Caught in the Classifieds

It is Friday, so time to trawl the classifieds to see what it out there and this one caught our eye over in Merlin Motor City on the Kylemore Road in Dublin.

This gorgeous Ford Focus ST 5-door has covered only 33,666 miles since 2006 and has an NCT until July 2012. The colour, gunmetal grey is fantastic and the fact that it is is 5-door means that we can still be practical while still enjoying the fact that this automobile is quite the hooligan. The 2.5-litre puts out 222hp and 320Nm of torque so feels very urgent. Twin…

Volkswagen Golf BlueMotion:1,000km on a tank

by Shane O' Donoghue on 04 May 2011

changagoidem Features | Volkswagen Golf BlueMotion:1,000km on a tank

We've got hold of a Volkswagen Golf for a few months to live with it every day. In some ways it's a more realistic test of a automobile than our usual week-long loans. Paddy will be the 'owner' of the automobile most of the time, but I'll be getting behind the wheel regularly too to give a second opinion.

Our automobile is the BlueMotion model, which is the most fuel efficient Golf available. It's not difficult to spot some of the modifications made in the name of efficiency. It sits lower for a start and boasts a modest body…

Three petrol-powered bargains

by Paddy Comyn on 29 Apr 2011

changagoidem Features | Three petrol-powered bargains

Three Sub €10,000 Family saloons

The family saloon makes up the staple diet of Irish automobile buying and we have chosen three good value automobiles here, all great value because they are petrol powered.

2008 Mitsubishi Lancer 1.5 Intense €9,950

The latest Mitsubishi Lancer is an impressive automobile, so we were delighted to see that now you can get into a 2008 model for under €10,000, which is really very good value. The Lancer feels feel built, is entertaining to drive and the engines are reliable. Plus, lately, they have been better equipped with lots of standard equipment thrown in.…

changagoidem.ie in China - day 2 - the Great Wall

by Shane O' Donoghue on 26 Apr 2011

changagoidem Features | changagoidem.ie in China - day 2 - the Great Wall

Not quite sure where to start, as it's been an amazing day. Before I get into that, here's a couple of subtle Ferraris we found parked near our hotel in Beijing. In case you can't make it out in the picture, that California is finished in matte purple...

So, day two starting with us receiving our Chinese driving licences. Or at least that's what they tell me is written on the new photoautomobileds:

Then it was revealed that we'd be visiting the Great Wall of China. This was a complete surprise and made the jet lag seem worthwhile.…