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Buying a commercial vehicle for private use

by Neil Briscoe on 30 Jan 2019

changagoidem Features | Buying a commercial vehicle for private use

Should you buy a commercial vehicle for private use? The temptation certainly is there. Instead of spending your hard-earned on a baubles-and-tinsel large SUV, which isn't designed to tackle terrain more ta than a shopping centre automobile park, why not save a few quid and buy a pick-up truck instead?

After all, it's something our American cousins have been at for decades, and that's why Ford is basically a company that makes the F-150 pick-up truck, with a few ancillary operations tacked onto the side (y'know - small fry like the Focus and

Eye : the future of driverless tech

by Neil Briscoe on 23 Jan 2019

changagoidem Features | Eye : the future of driverless tech

You know that sensation you get, watching another automobile, whereby you can read its body language? Whether as a pedestrian yourself, or from behind your own wheel, you just get a feeling of how, when and in what direction another automobile is going to move, and that's a feeling often reinforced by making eye with the driver.

That eye can be crucial, especially to pedestrians. Drivers are ever unpredictable from a walker's point of view, but eye means that at the very least, you both know where the other is and have acknowledged the other's presence. That…

What’s the new Mazda SkyActiv-X tech all about?

by Matt Robinson on 07 Dec 2018

changagoidem Features | What’s the new Mazda SkyActiv-X tech all about?

These days, you can't move without reference to BEVs, HEVs, PHEVs and FCEVS. And the common theme to all these seemingly incomprehensible acronyms is the EV bit - electric vehicles.

It seems like the whole world is racing to electrification of personal transportation. We've got electric buses. Electric taxis. Electric vans. Even a few electric lorries. But nowhere is the adoption of EVs moving quicker than in the world of automobiles. It looks like it's the new panacea to global pollution issues and certain cities - Paris, Hamburg and Copenhagen, being but a few - are already looking into bans…

Deep Dive: Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX)

by Matt Robinson on 06 Dec 2018

changagoidem Features | Deep Dive: Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX)

It used to be the rule that, in the world of Mercedes-Benz, it was always the S-Class that debuted the company's most jaw-dropping new tech. But, in the case of the German firm's latest innovation, Mercedes has looked to the other end of the product scale and blessed the all-new, fourth-generation A-Class with something quite amazing: it's called the Mercedes-Benz User Experience, or MBUX for short, and it's the latest thing for in-automobile human-machine interfaces (HMI).

In time, MBUX will filter its way into the rest of the Mercedes fleet,…

2018 LA Auto Show - Editor's Picks

by Dave Humphreys on 04 Dec 2018

changagoidem Features | 2018 LA Auto Show - Editor's Picks

In Los Angeles, despite the abundance of shared electric scooters appearing abandoned and strewn across footpaths sidewalks, and a motor show where mobility solutions were being posited, it was clear that the automobile is still king. Well, more accurately it is the SUV that is the potentate in La La Land.

Public debuts of flagship SUVs weren't sautomobilece at this year's running of the LA Auto Show. The BMW X7 may have limited appeal on our shores, but Stateside the crowds couldn't get enough of it, lapping up its luxurious details - though…

Buying an Alfa Romeo - is it safe?

by Neil Briscoe on 25 Oct 2018

changagoidem Features | Buying an Alfa Romeo - is it safe?

A couple of unexpected things happened in the past few days, both of them involving Alfa Romeo. First up, I had a test automobile cancelled out from under me (not that unusual, but not that common either) and had to scramble around to find something to drive, and write about. Alfa Romeo Ireland took pity on me, and managed to find a Giulia saloon that was available. Great, I thought. It'll be the storming, 510hp, V6 turbo, Quadrifoglio version. Or at least the 280hp turbo Veloce model.