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London T-Charge: Could we? Should we?

by Neil Briscoe on 06 Nov 2017

changagoidem Features | London T-Charge: Could we? Should we?

In December 1952, London suffered its worst fog in centuries. That doesn't sound too bad - after all, hang around long enough and fog just goes away of its own accord. This one didn't. Freakishly calm weather conditions meant that the fog stayed, and stayed, and stayed. And it killed. It wasn't just fog, but a toxic soup of fog, chock full of sulphur dioxide from coal being burned both in home fires and in vast city-centre power stations, such as Battersea. At the time, it was thought that 4,000 people died from respiratory illness brought on by breathing in…

Mazda's rotary obsession has its golden anniversary

by Neil Briscoe on 05 Oct 2017

changagoidem Features | Mazda's rotary obsession has its golden anniversary

As a fan of rotary engines, you kind of hold on to even the thinnest of straws of hope. The faintest twitch that Mazda, the last rotary-engine automobile maker standing, might yet consider having another go at this bewitching technology.

In this, the 50th anniversary of Mazda’s first rotary-engined production automobile, there seemed to be just that glimmer. A concept automobile, announced for the Tokyo Motor Show this October, seemed to be drawing on the styling of the recent RX-Vision rotary concept automobile. And Mazda had also invited us to come along and sample some of the rotary greats that…

Honda Type R celebrates 25 years of high-revving

by Kyle Fortune on 26 Sep 2017

changagoidem Features | Honda Type R celebrates 25 years of high-revving

Nineteen ninety-two. The Maastricht Treaty was signed, the Space Shuttle Endeavour made its maiden voyage, Clinton takes the White House from Bush, Windows 3.1 is launched and Reservoir Dogs is on in the cinema. It’s also the year Honda introduced us to the Type R.

Honda’s performance division has its own brand, a now universally recognised name that adds a red background to the Honda badge, removes weight and adds intensity to its automobiles by increasing performance and sharpening up the dynamics.

The original Type R, technically just R, was the NSX R, a automobile that laid the foundations for…

Nissan Micra vs. SEAT Ibiza twin test

by Shane O' Donoghue on 26 Sep 2017

changagoidem Features | Nissan Micra vs. SEAT Ibiza twin test

In isolation, the new Nissan Micra looks sharp. Indeed, I proclaimed it to be one of the best-looking superminis on the market when it was first launched, expressive, interesting and distinctive. Some of the detailing is a little contrived (check out the shape of the side glass, for example), but the net result is undoubtedly a small automobile that can turn heads and get a conversation going. In short, the antithesis of its predecessor.

And yet, park it next to the new SEAT Ibiza, even in this hideous ‘Mystic Magenta’ paint colour, and it looks like Nissan's designers were trying…

Stretching the legs of BMW’s most subtle M automobile

by Dave Humphreys on 25 Sep 2017

changagoidem Features | Stretching the legs of BMW’s most subtle M automobile

Photography by Jamie Lawlor and Daniel Sullivan

Whether you’re a rock star, foreign dignitary or simply like to be transported in style, there’s a good chance that at some point you will have sat in the rear of a black BMW 7 Series. However, today we’ve got our hands on a black 7 Series for a different reason, as we pay a visit to a newcomer to the automotive event scene in Ireland.

Runway Club is a pretty self-explanatory name and involves, as you might have…

Five of the best superminis in Ireland

by on 20 Sep 2017

changagoidem Features | Five of the best superminis in Ireland

Small and clever, these compact superminis should prove frugal and practical, but never boring. Some are more spacious, some are more fun to drive, but you should find your ideal compact automobile here whether you're starting out or trading down.

1 - Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta can seemingly do no wrong. Even just before it was replaced by a new model in the middle of 2017, Ford's 40-year-old nameplate maintained its position near the top of the sales charts and our list of best superminis. The new one is much better inside, distinctly more refined and yet just…