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Five best mid-sized SUVs and crossovers in Ireland

by on 07 Apr 2017

changagoidem Features | Five best mid-sized SUVs and crossovers in Ireland

The rise in popularity of crossovers and mid-sized SUVs has led to a proliferation of new models in the market. Many of these are derived from normal automobiles, but go beyond simply having raised height on their side. Most also offer useful all-wheel-drive options, and while you may not plan on venturing off-road it does help in wet and icy conditions. This is our guide to the best models currently on sale in these two segments.

1 - SEAT Ateca

The SEAT Ateca is close to being the perfect SUV. It's big enough to have presence,…

Best April Fools' Day jokes by automobile manufacturers

by Maurice Malone on 01 Apr 2017

changagoidem Features | Best April Fools' Day jokes by automobile manufacturers

The Inisbofin Motor Show (IBMS) took place this week, although thanks to a huge error of judgement on the part of the organisers, hardly anybody knew that it was taking place. Eschewing the usual methods of advertising through websites, print media and social media channels, the organisers instead relied entirely on flyers with the phrase ‘IBMS on Inisbofin’ printed on them, and no other details. People mistakenly assumed that there was some sort of convention occurring for sufferers of irritable bowel syndrome and stayed away. When questioned on this, a spokesman bristled from inside his cable-knit Aran jumper and admitted…

How does a rally co-driver really feel?

by Maurice Malone on 27 Mar 2017

changagoidem Features | How does a rally co-driver really feel?

Nerves. They can manifest themselves in many ways. For some, it’s trembling, clammy hands. For others, a marked jump in the frequency of bodily functions signifies the onset of an event that the brain isn’t 100 per cent comfortable with. Me? I’m currently experiencing both, and I can barely zip up my overalls thanks to the useless, quivering sticks that are supposed to be my fingers. Oh great, I need to wee again. Back behind the trees once more. Around me, I spy three or four helmeted and overall-clad individuals doing the same.

Despite what you may be imagining, I’m…

10 Best Automobiles of the 2017 Geneva Motor Show

by Dave Humphreys on 09 Mar 2017

changagoidem Features | 10 Best Automobiles of the 2017 Geneva Motor Show

There's always something a little bit special about the annual Geneva Motor Show. As well as being the first major European motor show of the year, it's relatively compact and most manufacturers, big or small, seem to bring their A-game along. Naturally, there's a smattering of superautomobiles, but some of the more normal stuff has just as much appeal. Here's a rundown of my top ten automobiles from the show, in no particular order.

1. Aston Martin Valkyrie

Granted, we already knew quite a bit about this automobile before the show. In fact, it was just the…

The joy of early morning driving

by Maurice Malone on 07 Feb 2017

changagoidem Features | The joy of early morning driving

"Why have you set an alarm for four in the morning? Have you lost your mind?" A valid point from a long-suffering girlfriend. "Don't you dare wake me!" .

It's 11pm on a Saturday night, a time when most people are doing something less nerdy than scouring maps and checking weather forecasts.

There's some semblance of method to my madness. I've long held the belief that roads and automobiles are best experienced in solitude. Don't get me wrong; road trips and group drives with friends are great, but there's always the danger of being goaded into pushing that bit too…

Who was king of the Super Bowl?

by Neil Briscoe on 07 Feb 2017

changagoidem Features | Who was king of the Super Bowl?

Does anyone actually watch the Super Bowl for the football anymore? Well, I say football - American football is of course really rugby for sissies, but to be honest, most of us probably stopped tuning in for the game itself. Nowadays it’s for the half-time show (thank you, Lady Gaga) and, of course, the adverts. American and global companies roll out the big marketing budgets and the Hollywood director phone book for Super Bowl Sunday, confident that they will be placing their products in front of one of the biggest TV audiences of the year.

And which advert was the…


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