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Five of the best premium superminis in Ireland

by on 19 Jun 2017

changagoidem Features | Five of the best premium superminis in Ireland

Just because you want a small automobile doesn't mean you must forgo the more luxurious features of larger ones. These days there are many compact automobiles that are full of the high-end tech, plush materials and helpful driver aids. We've test driven loads of premium superminis and here are the five that we think are the best on the market right.

1 - Audi A1

The A1 offers contemporary Audi good looks in a compact package with the same premium feel, fit and finish as the German manufacturer's larger automobiles. Space is a bit tight in the back, but it…

Five of the best seven-seat MPVs in Ireland

by on 15 Jun 2017

changagoidem Features | Five of the best seven-seat MPVs in Ireland

While a large MPV or people automobilerier is useful at any time, it's pretty much a necessity once you have more than two children in the household. You'll find dozens of questions in the Ask us Anything section from parents wondering what automobiles they can fit three child safety seats into. It's possible to squeeze them into many regular automobiles, but you just can't beat the space and versatility of a good MPV with individual seats. Admittedly, there's nothing sexy about them, but hey, the kids will only be small for a while...

1 - SEAT Alhambra

Sliding doors. Need…

Focus: an Irish co-driver at work

by Maurice Malone on 29 May 2017

changagoidem Features | Focus: an Irish co-driver at work

The nerves have disappeared; now it's go time. Seven flat-out minutes on an Irish rally stage, as described by a co-driver.

I flick the button on my stopwatch a few milliseconds after the light turns green and we're moving. The engine gulps as much air as it can through its four individual throttle bodies as the sticky rear tyres find purchase on the dry tarmac, their task aided by the rubber laid down by preceding competitors. A squirm to the left accompanied by a flare of revs as the wheels start to spin necessitates the driver to feed in a…

Riding shotgun in the Mercedes EQ concept

by Kyle Fortune on 17 May 2017

changagoidem Features | Riding shotgun in the Mercedes EQ concept

Mercedes-Benz announced its new EQ models at the Paris Motor Show last year; we get a ride in the sensational show automobile.

The way we're driving is changing. Alongside the rush to autonomy there's a shift in drivetrain technology, with hybridisation already commonplace as a stepping stone to an electrified future. That shift won't happen overnight, but Mercedes-Benz announced a huge new product offensive, under the EQ brand umbrella, which will see it offer a battery powered model in 2019, with 10 more following it by 2025. They'll be joined by plug-in hybrid models too, dubbed 'EQ Power' by insiders,…

Irish Icons: Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R

by Maurice Malone on 12 May 2017

changagoidem Features | Irish Icons: Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R

We investigate the cult of the Nissan GT-R, and take an original 'Godzilla' for a spin.


Daikoku Futo parking area, just off the Bayshore Route that connects Tokyo to Yokohama, on a dry and chilly February night in the mid-nineties. Four automobiles sit neatly parked, their owners huddled in a tight group. The smell of Marlboro smoke mixes with intoxicating exhaust fumes, as two Supras, an RX-7 and a 911 idle impatiently. One guy brandishes a local newspaper, his thumb hovering over an ad that proclaims, “Watches for sale. Premium brands. Meet at Daikoku PA, 12am February 10th.”


Driving the SEAT race automobile YOU can buy

by Shane O' Donoghue on 11 May 2017

changagoidem Features | Driving the SEAT race automobile YOU can buy

Reckon you'd like to try your hand at some serious motorsport? SEAT has just the answer.

"Downforce increases with the square of speed. Downforce increases with the square of speed." I repeat this mantra to myself as I approach the next turn at nigh on 180km/h, knowing in my head that the rear spoiler is adding 100kg of weight to the automobile, while the front splitter balances it out with about 60kg of its own. Knowing something and trusting your life to the science of it are two very different things indeed...

I'm at the Parcmotor Castellolí circuit about an…


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