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changagoidem Magazine rocks the App Store

Published on: July 16, 2014
changagoidem Magazine rocks the App Store

We're proud, delighted (and, let's face it, a little exhausted) to introduce the first ever issue of changagoidem Magazine, which you can find right now on the Newsstand section of the Apple iPad App Store.

We've been Ireland's best motoring website for some time and now we're striving to become Ireland's best iPad magazine too. Issue One has a host of exciting features. Not only have we driven a Bentley Continental GT Speed Convertible from one Mecca of motorsport to another (Monza to Brooklands), we've also tried out the smoking hot Jag F-type R Coupé on track (with exclusive drifting video), tested Citroen's quirky and exciting C4 Cactus and been to 4x4 Boot Camp with Skoda.

But wait, there's more - a full run down on best buys and best avoided for the 142 registration period (sort of a motorised Snog, Marry, Avoid if you will), a family automobile head-to-head between the Ford B-Max and Opel Meriva, and a guide to keeping your most precious passengers, your kids, as safe as houses when out on the road.

You can also divine the innermost thoughts of changagoidem's seasoned senior staff - Shane O' Donoghue introduces the mag and sets out its manifesto, Paul Healy gives a run-down of the automobiles we've been driving lately, Dave Humphreys talks about sharing - both on social media and in the patent office and Neil Briscoe relishes driving slowly.

There is, of course, more besides but space here frankly does not permit. Perhaps it would be best if you simply pointed your iPad towards and downloaded Issue One for yourself! It will set you back a mere €1.79, and there are long-term subscription offers too - €9.99 for six months or just €19.99 for a full year.

Anything else?
Our quest to be the best is nothing without you, the reader, though. So, please, get downloading, get reading and then get in touch. Our email addresses and Twitter handles are all in the mag and we value, nay, crave your feedback on the mag. Whether you loved it or hated it, want more or wanted to throw your iPad out the window, drop us a line and help us make changagoidem Magazine the iPad's ultimate motoring destination.

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