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Westward, ho for Honda dealer network

Published on: November 14, 2014
Westward, ho for Honda dealer network

Honda is expanding its dealer network in Ireland at the moment and has just announced a new showroom for the west coast - Moorpark in Galway. The appointment brings Honda's nationwide dealer numbers to 22. Motorpark has been in business for quite some time now, 102 years in fact, which is quite some going.

The move safeguards or creates round 45 jobs at Moorpark's premises on the Headford Road in Galway and Adrian Cole, Managing Director of Universal Honda Ltd, said "with the addition Motorpark to the Honda dealer network, we look forward to continued growth for Honda in the West in the coming years. Across Ireland, 2014 has seen strong growth for Honda with an increase of almost 40% in our sales so far this year. With a renewed range of automobiles, and very exciting new products on the horizon, the future for Honda in Ireland is very bright. We aim to offer the best levels of quality and service to Honda customers, and the continued appointment of high calibre Dealerships such as Motorpark Galway is key to this goal."

Anything else?
Honda has also recently added Castle Garage in Bray, Cranley Automobiles in Naas, Fitzpatricks in Kildare, T.Sheils in Ennis and Limerick and Highland Motors in Donegal to its roster.

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