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Nissan modernises automobile buying

Published on: December 10, 2015
Nissan modernises automobile buying

What's the news?

Nissan is giving its dealers a makeover, eliminating traditional desks, brochures and paper forms in favour of mobile technology.

The aim is to create a friendlier, less intimidating environment for customers. A customer lounge is at the heart of each new showroom; offering free WiFi and complimentary refreshments. There are iPads available for children to play games.  Large display screens will relay information on the Nissan brand. 

An 'Accessory Wall' allows users to explore the Nissan range and the vehicle options on a presentation monitor. Three, 65-inch, screens will 'animate the showroom with engaging brand content', which is also visible from outside. Point-of-Sale devices replace traditional brochures while sales staff are equipped with iPads and mobile technology, allowing them to better interact with customers.

To enhance the retail experience each showroom will include a new Automobile Handover Area. This space will be used to guide buyers through the technology and safety features of their new Nissan.

James McAutomobilethy, CEO of Nissan Ireland said; "Nissan is an innovative brand and we are delighted to apply that hallmark to our showrooms. We are evolving with the times and responding to the demands of modern automobile buyers who are seeking a welcome, spacious and relaxed environment when they visit our showrooms".

"The day of sitting a customer down at a desk and PC are gone. Customers are already well informed by the time they visit at a showroom. We are providing a welcome, digitally led, seamless, interactive retail experience where customers can view and learn about our award winning range of automobiles and complete the process of buying a automobile with first class sales and after sales service," he added.

Anything else?

Twelve Nissan dealers are scheduled to introduce the new showrooms in 2016. The updated facilities should be adopted by all 39 dealers before the end of 2018.

Written by: John Lambert

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