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Citroen and DS search for new dealers

Published on: March 9, 2016
Citroen and DS search for new dealers

What's the news?

Following its acquisition by IM Group, Citroen Ireland and its now separate brand, DS, is starting a recruitment drive for new dealers to join its existing network. At present there is 21 authorised dealerships in Ireland but there are many areas where the brands do not have a local presence.

Chris Graham, Managing Director, Citroen and DS Ireland, commented: "We are keen to expand our network further in order to continue to grow the brands' share in the Irish market. Our aim is to provide our customer base and prospective customers with a Citroen and DS dealership in their local area."

Dealerships that are interested in taking on the Citroen and DS brands are invited to Kieran Courtney, Network Development and Franchise Manager, Citroen and DS Ireland. Target areas include Dublin South, Dublin West, Sligo, Wicklow, the Cavan/Monaghan and Longford/Roscommon areas.

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